Hungry Haley

it's more than food

My Story

So here's how it all started: my parents fell in love and then one night... - just kidding, I won't go there. 

But seriously, I was born and raised (like halfway, at least) in Minnesota surrounded by a huge, wonderful, hilarious family and lots of awesome friends. About eleven years ago, my dad's new job sent my brother, mom, dad, and I packing and headed out to Cali. My brother, Ben, is about four years older than I am and one of my biggest role models/closest friends. He's a senior in college back in Minnesota at Bethel University. I have two magnificent parents, Glenn (Daddy-O) and Chris (my mom, who doesn't have a cool nickname) and a super cute little white doggy, Maggie, who we rescued eight years ago (she loves all my food). 

Speaking of food, how did I get started? Basically, I picked up a couple issues of Fitness Magazine about two years ago to read as my parents and I took a three-day road-trip out to Minnesota. Want to know why I don't really remember too much scenery from that trip? Because my nose was buried in these magazines. I was fascinated with all the fun workouts and the recipes were so easy and tasty! When we got home, my parents and I began cooking more meals together, which created a new, special bond between the three of us that we cherish today. It was a blast trying so many new recipes and I felt like a champ eating healthier and working out everyday. 

Well, that's pretty much it. Here I am, a freshman Mustang at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, cooking at least once a day and spending the rest of my time either here, working out, or laughing and being weird with my friends. I am so blessed to be able to share what I love with you guys, and I hope you like it here! :)