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RawTil4: Just Curious

Haley Hansen1 Comment

Why RawTil4? Because I'm just curious! I read almost everything on FreeLee the Banana Girl's blog and wanted to try this myself :) 

Breakfast - 

  • somewhere around 5 bananas (probably, I didn't count) blended up into nice cream w/ a little water and a tablespoon of raw cacao nibs 
  • I had one more banana after because why not? 

Lunch - 

  • about 2 cups of (the crunchiest, juiciest) grapes and an apple
  • I saved the dates for a snack later and ate another banana, hehehe :) 

Dinner - 

Dessert - 

  • why? because there's alllllways room
  • I made some interesting pumpkin cookies the night before and, while I don't remember where I got the recipe, I kind of remember the ingredients: pumpkin, buckwheat pancake mix, graham crackers (oops), agave, coconut sugar, spices, and a touch of coconut oil :) 
  • oh, and I managed to polish off about four... in one sitting...

HOW IT WENT: Honestly, it went really well! I felt energized and focused all day - none of my meals felt heavy or greasy or protein-rich. I could tell I was hydrated (I peed like 12 times, sorry if that's TMI) and well-nourished. Towards the end of the day, I did feel hungrier than usual, so maybe I didn't eat enough for lunch? Either way, I tracked my calories to make sure I was eating enough calories and, to my surprise, I was! For now, I want to continue eating this way to see where it takes me :)