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Steps to Quitting Meat

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Yay! You actually clicked on this post! I know a lot of people who hear "quit" and "meat" in the same sentence and automatically assume that they are not capable of accomplishing such a task. But who am I to talk - I doubted myself in the same way about 7 months ago. And now, I'm posting this guide to help you the same way I helped myself eat less meat. If you haven't yet been convinced to eat plant-based, check out these reasons. 

  1. EAT MORE VEGETABLES. Seriously - our parents were right when they used to nag us at the dinner table about eating our broccoli/brussel sprouts/whatever it was. By filling our plates with more greens (or oranges, purples, or yellows), we fuel our bodies with waaaaay more vitamins and minerals, fiber, and healthy starches and way less cholesterol, fat, and processed meats. It's a simple start - take two servings of salad instead of one, blend some spinach into your morning smoothie (you can't taste it), or nibble on some carrots and hummus as an afternoon snack after lunch instead of eating a huge burger and waiting until dinner to eat again. 
  2. BUY ONE LESS POUND OF MEAT A WEEK. Do it. You can do it. Just one less pound a week and you'll help use less water and emit fewer greenhouse gases. Check out this chart that shows how much water is needed to produce common grocery items. A kilogram of beef requires 15,415 litres of water. Instead of those hamburgers you wanted to make, try a portobello mushroom burger, or one of my falafel burgers! You'll save money and water and feel a lot better after dinner. 
  3. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS. And don't say you can't find any! Farmers are everywhere nowadays and they're growing still growing good ol' organic fruits and veggies for us. When we buy from them, we buy what's in season and, guess what else - it's usually less expensive, too! You'll come home with bags and bags and bags full of juicy, colorful gems and meat won't even cross your mind. 
  4. GIVE IT UP FOR ONE DAY EACH WEEK. You already where this is going - Meatless Monday. But make it work for you! If Monday nights are dinner-nights with your guy friends, then choose another day (or two) for clean, meat-free cooking. This is how I got started when I became vegetarian. These meatless days encouraged me to include so much more variety into my eating habits - seasonal fruits and veggies, tofu and tempeh, brown rice protein powder, lentils, chickpeas, black beans and the list goes on. Get creative! 
  5. UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT, AND EMBRACE THE FACT THAT YOU DON'T NEED MEAT. So, you've committed to buying less meat, buying more local produce, and getting creative with meat-free alternatives at least one day a week. I told you - it's simple! You can live without, or at least with less, meat. Share some pretty pictures of your mouth-watering dishes on instagram or facebook and encourage your friends and family to jump on the boat with you! Show others what you've done, and give them some of your own tips to completing the transition. 

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