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Simple Steps For All-Day Energy

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Are you a napper? Are you an afternoon snacker? Are you a 5 pm-latte-drinker? 

Or, do you just run out of energy by noon everyday? I feel your pain. And with school in session, we need quick fixes for energy deficiency. I've seen days when using my computer as a pillow actually sounds tempting, and I've also seen days when I could pretty much dance my way around campus. Coffee fueled the latter scenario, and a combination of easy-to-fix habits caused the former. 

Here are my tips for establishing all-day energy-boosting habits: 

  1. SLEEP: I get at least 7 hours every night, and that's the perfect amount for me. Too much sleep - like 8 hours - actually makes me feel more tired the next day. Too little sleep (which is more common than too much) - 6 hours or less - causes a Hangry Haley. Without enough sleep, we push through the next day with constant hunger, a touchy temper, and a tired brain. Click here for more information.
  2. HIGH-PROTEIN BREAKFAST: Yes, carbs are important here, too, but sufficient protein prevents a case of the munchies later on. Protein promotes satiety, feeling full and satisfied, which means you'll be able to concentrate better in those late-afternoon classes. How about some protein pancakes?! 
  3. WATER: The first thing to hit my lips in the morning is two big glasses of ice cold water; it's refreshing after 7-8 hours without any liquid, and the ice helps wake me up. But don't stop there! Keeping drinking throughout the day to stay hydrated and energized and help keep metabolism up.Here are some more benefits of filling up with water. 
  4. STAY ACTIVE: Stand up, stretch, walk, run in place, have a mini dance party - just don't stay sedentary for more than 1.5-2 hours. Your brain needs oxygen to function! Read more here.
  5. DRINK TEA: If you like coffee, do it black. If you like tea, do it with raw sugar or none at all. They've both got caffeine, and, well, enough said. There are plenty of other reasons to drink tea - hydration, cancer-prevention, weight-loss, and the list goes on!
  6. EAT: Food is fuel, to put it simply. Wake up and eat breakfast to feed your metabolism right away, don't wait more than six hours to have lunch and dinner. Skipping meals and restricting calories are bad habits that drain your energy, focus, and positive attitude. If tomorrow is a busy day, make some oatmeal to eat on your way out the door and pack a lunch and some snacks tonight. You'll be glad you took the extra ten minutes. 

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Love you all for taking the time to read this - I hope it will help you!