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Heartbreak Happens

Haley HansenComment

Let’s face it – sometimes, a recipe doesn’t turn out as you wanted it to. You bought all the right ingredients, followed every single step (even the tedious ones), and it still wasn’t right. Then you’re left asking yourself what in the world went wrong. And if that answer were easy to find, you probably wouldn’t even be looking for it because the recipe would have come out like it was supposed to in the first place.

What I’m saying, is that sometimes, you have this plan – a plan that you have been assured would work itself out, a plan that wasn’t supposed to fail because you know what you’re doing. But then for some reason it does fail. And you’re left wondering why. You look around to see what could have caused it. You even ask yourself if you were the cause, but you know you couldn’t have been. So now what? You never really had a Plan B because Plan A was Plan A for a reason – it was going to work! There are two options – either let it all go downhill from here, or get your stuff together and make a new plan. When you’re not in the situation, the latter seems like the obvious route to take, but when you’re going through all this, your stuff is all over the floor and you don’t even know where to start cleaning up, nor do you have the energy to do so.

Back to the first situation for a quick second. So the recipe you had planned for a dinner party that was supposed to be perfect and delicious did NOT work. Your stove wouldn’t heat up, you over-cooked the steak, your guests were all eating gluten-free and vegetarian and informed you of this after the spaghetti and meatballs had been cooked and plated – whatever it is, you’re feeling kind of screwed. You have two choices – either tell your guests the party is off because the food is useless, or pile everyone in the car and head out for pizza (unless your guests are the gluten-free/vegetarian ones – in which case you’ll have to find a pizza place to suit their diets). After weighing each option, which sounds like more fun? Cleaning up a bunch of spaghetti and meatballs all on your own or not letting the unfortunate situation ruin everyone’s night and eating greasy, cheesy pizza?

When Plan A knocks you down on your knees to the point where it hurts so bad you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to walk again, you can either take the wheelchair forever or take a minute or two to pray (since you’re in the perfect position), then stand up, forget the diet for one night, and get some pizza, I guess.

I’ve been right there recently – literally on my knees, begging for God to hear me. Thousands of prayers later, I got up. My pizza didn’t come with cheese, pepperoni, or sausage. Instead, it came with friends, family, food, and peace.

Heartbreak happens. And when it does, if you’re like me, you won’t call it “heartbreak” right away because that sounds dramatic, but you’ll realize that there’s nothing else quite like it, nothing else that can describe it. It’s okay to be heartbroken – it happens to everyone at some point, one way or another, and we get through it. We learn from it, we grow, and we move on.

I know, believe me – I know – it hurts and it’s disappointing. A heart is one of the hardest things to sew together once it’s been torn. Sometimes it sews itself back up, and sometimes others can help you sew it. However it’s done, it won’t be broken forever. There are plenty of dinner parties to be had. Whenever you’re ready, just try it again.