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Taking a Peek Back and A Leap Forward

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Happy New Year everyone!

2014 was quite a year. I got accepted to Cal Poly, raced both the 800m and 1600m for the very first time, became valedictorian of my American Sign Language class, graduated, created my Instagram and this blog (woo hoo!) and, perhaps most importantly, discovered and developed strengths I only dreamed of someday having.

So, to kick off 2015, (I know, it’s a day late) here are my New Year’s Resolutions…

1.     Develop my faith and strengthen my relationship with Jesus

2.     Stick to my new lifestyle – Pale-YOU – but still find ways to indulge here and there

3.     Establish (and keep) new friendships

4.     Dedicate more time and effort to cooking and this blog

5.     Find ways to thank God everyday for the things I repeatedly take for granted

6.     Focus less on what happened and more on what is happening and what I can make happen in the future

As with every other day, week, month, and year, I know that 2015 will bring everything from accomplishment and happiness, to challenges and defeat. I do not wish for an easy year, by any means. I pray that the Lord test me and test my faith because I know that endurance and perseverance through those trials will promote maturity, knowledge, and wisdom.

On a less serious note - 2015, bring on the food! I can’t wait to spend more time in the kitchen – whether that be my tiny one at school that desperately needs cleaning, my medium-sized one at home that tends to be easily over-crowded simply with my dad, mom and me, or my large fantasy kitchen that’s painted white with black and gray accents and stocked with absolutely every cooking tool and ingredient I’ll ever need.

Let’s pretend I posted this yesterday, kay? Thanks. Happy New Year (again). Make your own resolutions and do your best to stick to them. Keep coming to my blog – I love visitors!

2015 will be spectacular! :)

Props to my awesome Dad for putting this shnazzy thang together.

Props to my awesome Dad for putting this shnazzy thang together.