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My Un-Planned Planner

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It’s a really fun question to answer when you’re a kid, because the possibilities seem endless. You can say whatever comes to mind! There are two things I remember that I always had a desire to spend the rest of my life doing:

1.     Become famous (somewhere between age 7 and 12) – a singer/songwriter like Hannah Montana (Haley Minnesota/California?), an actress like Raven Simone - I just wanted to live that luxurious-looking life of stardom I saw on Disney Channel.

2.     Be a bridal consultant at Kleinfeld in NYC (age 13 – 15 I think) – this sprouted from several hundred hours plopped on the couch, making heart-eyes at the marvelous white dresses these lucky women who’d found someone to giggle, cook, cry, hike, write, and wake up with can pay for.

And then when you get closer to finishing high school and braving the world of everything college- and adult-hood-related, the question gets a little more serious. It’s introduced with, “what’s your major?”, and then whoever asked you hits you with the ultimate brain-blower.

“Oh cool! What do you want to do with that?”

As you may know, I’m majoring in journalism and minoring in food science/nutrition, so… yeah. If you ask me the second (should-be-forbidden-until-senior-year) question, there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll pause for a second, look at you like the sum of journalism and nutrition is obvious even though I know it’s too broad to ever be, and say something like, “Well I really like to cook…” and sometimes people interrupt me with, “Lemme’ guess – you want to write about it!”

Yeah, pretty much. And I don’t mean to sound sarcastic to you if you ask me or have ever asked me these questions and are reading this now like, “Wow, rude.” I promise.

I just wish I knew how to put into a short sentence the words that describe everything I want to do everyday for the rest of my life, now that I've realized that I can't sing or write songs, and NYC is too big, far, and terrifying for a girl who really only likes the city for it's culinary creations and the blessings who prepare them. 

·      Experiment with – sauté, grill, fry, bake, slice, chop, taste, savour, lick every last drop off my plate – good food. And by good food, I mean mouth-watering, nourishing grub from all over the states and way beyond.

·      Design my own kitchen – dig in to my Pinterest wall and you’ll get a taste my top contenders. I know I want something…

o   white, but still with splashes of coordinating colors.

o   spacious, but small enough to feel like a home-kitchen.

o   organized, but only enough so that my OCD isn’t fueled to take over my life from the kitchen and beyond. Plus, I like when I have to tell people where things are – makes me sound like I know what I’m doing.

o   contemporary, but bringing back tools and traditions of treasured culinary periods.

·      Explore – also something you’ll find on my Pinterest wall. Basically, I want to go everywhere in Europe and South America. Future-husband, if you’re reading this (which would be pretty stinkin’ cool, so you should tell me if you are), take note. And save up $$$. Love you!

·      Settle down somewhere – this is an epitome of the tornado of confusion my parents gave birth to and named “Haley”. Naturally, as a SoCal girl, the beach sings to me and I can’t ignore it’s angelic, calming, nostalgic wave-y tunes, but how flipping awesome would a cabin up in Mammoth be, or a lodge-y mansion in Vail, CO, or a quaint, hip (expensive) townhouse in San Fran, or… nevermind I’ll stop. You get the point.

·      Fall in love – I’m typing this and realizing how picky I’ll be when it comes time to find my “Prince Charming”. And I don’t even think I want him to be a Prince. I don’t think someone Prince-y will squeeze heart-eyes out of me. Again, future-hubby, if you’re reading this, put on some jeans (wallet and Bible in pocket, of course), an apron, and a white-toothed smile and we’ll call it a… um… wedding? Ha.

that is all.

that is all.

Before all that, I’ll be in SLO, studying, working, and getting my degree. Oh, and cooking food from Farmers’, laughing with my girls, exploring Central Cal and everything up above it, praising Jesus and thanking Him for those blessing, and grubbin’.

And then and we’ll see what God writes in my planner. In the meantime, I should devise a statement that sums up this whole post for when people ask me those questions. Help?

Thanks for reading! Much love and appreciation for all of you. If you’re liking this, or maybe you’re going through something similar (?), or maybe you have a genius idea for my question-answering inability.

Whatever the case, comment below or email me! I love to hear from you guys.

Y’all are great. Keep eating, running/walking (your dog)/lifting/hiking/biking/dancing/skipping, coffee-shopping, and whatever makes your heart giggle a little and your smile sparkle a lot-tle.