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HungryHaley Cookbook (!!!)

Haley Hansen1 Comment

Yes. Yes. Yes. A cookbook is on its way! So far, I'be cried somewhere between 2-4 times in the last 3 weeks since my friend, Holland - the designer and editor of the book - began actually making the recipes and shooting pictures. A dream come true is as much of an understatement as "sweet potatoes are pretty good." 


As of right now, this will be an online book available for purchase on my website, an "ebook". I wish wish wish printing were feasible, but unless you want to pay double (or maybe triple? I don't even know) the price we're thinking right now, the online version is the deal. And hey, most of us these days do most things online anyway, right?  


Just like this being a dream come true is an understatement, calling it a cookbook doesn't really cover all it's bases. Yes, of course there will recipes inside - maybe some chocolate chip tahini cookies, some fried egg tostadas with a dollop of avocado "cream", and many more. Aside from just food, we're including lots of thoughts and words about overcoming a broken relationship with food and exercise, and the richness of food and community. 


I hope this makes sense - my journey with food has involved so much more than just food. And that's why this cookbook is what it is - recipes intertwined, enlivened, given meaning and "umph" with actual words. 


HungryHaley turns 4 years old in just a few months, yet this still feels like the beginning. It still excites me, challenges me, and pulls me along in my passions. As you may or may not know, I'm studying nutrition in school right now, but I don't plan to pursue further education or an RD credential for some reasons I explained here. I have not a clue what the next couple years will look like after college, or how in the world I'll find the resources needed to make all my dreams come true. Is that scary? I might be more scared now, as I prepare to finish school (March 2019), than I was when I began (September 2014). Thankfully, there's no need to worry about making up my own plan because I know the best one is already created for me. 


This was just supposed to be a cookbook announcement, and here I am, getting all deep and emotional. Sorrryyyyyy. One last thing before I go, if anyone has any recommendations, suggestions, resources that would be of potential interest in getting this published and/or sold in local stores here on the Central Coast, send them my way & I'll send some cookies your way! 



Again, thanks for reading! Thanks for supporting! Thanks for being you! See ya' soon for a nice long, juicy Recent Eats post!