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Easiest Green Smoothie (PB & G?) (Vegan, GF)

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If you're wondering what in the world "PB & G" stands for, it's "peanut butter and greens". It's also a fairly accurate glimpse at a) my sense of humor, b) the state of my brain, mid-dead-week, and c) most likely a gross-sounding combination, but a surprisingly delicious one! 

In an attempt to break nice cream habit, I've been forcing myself to make more smoothies. "Why would you want to break such a delicious and nutritious habit, Haley?" you may be asking...

Welllllllllll because I am trying to drink more water, eat/drink more fresh fruit, use my cute mason jars that have been stowed away all lonely in the cupboard, and I guess just mix things up a bit! No doubt, this smoothie was the best possible recipe to re-introduce myself to these hydrating glasses of sweet joy :) 

Like I mentioned before, my brain is quite exhausted right now, which is exactly why I'm posting this instead of writing two essays!

Yaaaaaaaaay what a great idea, Haley! - my brain

Shhhhhh, brain, go back to sleep.  

Makes 1 smoothie 

2 frozen bananas, in chunks
1 big handful of spinach
2 tbsp. PB2
Water, to blend

  1. Toss everything in the blender and fill about halfway with water. Blend until smooth! 
  2. Enjoy :) 
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Add me on snapchat! haleyhansen11