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Brother's Beans on "Toast" (Vegan, GF option)

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Beans on toast? You need a recipe for that? Well, maybe not, but if you love me and you're curious as to why I'm taking the time to describe the making of beans on toast, keep reading. 

If you've followed me for a month or so, you might know that my parents and I traveled to England to visit my brother for two weeks. We stayed in London for a few nights, somewhere down in the Southern countryside, then up to Northern England, and finally, all the way over to Scotland. Before we left, my parents expressed some concern for my vegan lifestyle, and I'll admit I was a little nervous, too, but we encountered few problems. I discovered a love for "soya" (a.k.a. soy) lattes and muesli, rediscovered my love for cereal, analyzed restaurant menus and negotiated with kind chefs, and maneuvered my way through kitchens of the sweet, accommodating families we stayed with. 

While rummaging through the fridge for something to throw together to make lunch one day, my brother mentioned that he'd be making "beans on toast" for himself and his girlfriend. Now, this combination didn't sound too strange to me, but what did was the mouth it came out of - my brother, the boy who used to refuse almost anything but plain spaghetti noodles, who depended on our mom to "butter [his] waffles" until he left for college, among other things (love you, Ben). Part of me felt shocked at his making such a unique meal, but the other part wasn't surprised at it's simplicity. Plus, I guess I can't ignore his wise choice to get ahold on as much homemade whole wheat bread (!!!) as possible. 

I saw him pull out a can of baked beans from the pantry and, the more I thought about this combination of warm, hearty bread beneath those unbeatable baked beans (we'll ignore the butter he slathered on in between because, well... #vegan), the less I could ignore my craving for it. 

Soooo, now that I'm back in the states, I've moved into my new place in SLO, along with a couple of my other roommates. They've been working and I've been job-searching like a broke maniac, and in my free-time, I've been bargain-hunting for necessary house- and kitchen-supplies. Strolling through the clearance aisles in Target a week ago, I contemplated whether or not to invest in a toaster or waffle iron... 

Hmmm, well, isn't the oven basically just a big toaster? I can't make waffles in an oven. Only a waffle iron can make waffles. An oven can do everything else... WAFFLE IRON IT IS. 

The city-planners of SLO obviously didn't consider the dangers of building an inexpensive store like Target right across the street from an over-budget, horribly-tempting one like Whole Foods. For those like me, easily drawn in by such temptation, and for those who've ever been stingy with their money wherever possible, this section of my story will sound sensible. For others, just laugh and move on, and then make the beans on "toast". 

SO Whole Foods teased me with the aroma of a fresh-baked whole-wheat everything bagel and I just couldn't resist. I brought it home, sliced it open the next morning and popped it in the oven (because a toaster seemed much less necessary when there's a perfectly fine oven already in the kitchen, right?) on broil while I prepped my avo, beans, and spinach. 

Life lesson: broil is a bad idea unless you plan to keep a wide-open eye on whatever it is you're broiling. 

Yes, those are boys' boxers with flirty phrases on them and yes, that's a hopelessly burnt bagel. After two or three minutes spent boo-hooing over and documenting my misfortune on snapchat, I grew up and threw some waffles in the oven (I turned down the temperature, of course). Problem solved? I hoped so. Little did I know, the waffles went above and beyond my expectations. Clearly, God was showing me His grace and mercy in return for my a) making fun of my brothers' picky eating habits and b) pridefully prancing around my oven rather than just investing in a toaster. 

Makes 2 "toasts" 

2/3 cup vegetarian baked beans (I prefer Amy's Kitchen
1 cup fresh spinach
1/2 avocado, sliced lengthwise
2 cooked waffles (fresh or frozen, I like Van's Foods
Salt and pepper, to taste

  1. In a small saucepan, heat the beans to a simmer for a few minutes, then remove from heat and cover. 
  2. Cook the waffles, then top with spinach, avocado, beans, and salt and pepper. Serve immediately. 
  3. Enjoy! 

Easiest thing ever. BAM.