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Lower Body Blast - plyometrics + strength // legs + glutes // 30 minutes

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For as often as I workout, one would think I'd be posting more workouts than sweet potatoes covered in peanut butter or roasted brussel sprouts tossed with black beans or whatever I'm eating. Ya' know? But the truth is, these workout posts take about an entire day's worth all-in-all - from shooting pics and filming each move to editing the pics, piecing together each clip, and uploading it all...

... which is why I've made no other plans for my spring break than to dedicate as much time as possible to getting some quad and booty work done so that I can share my favorite lower body workout! Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk legs. 

This workout is no joke - I designed it to push the quads and glutes to the limit - so be sure to take a few minutes to warm up. Whether it be jumping jacks, jogging, running in place, or whatever pumps blood and brings in oxygen, get to it. You'll need it! 

Along with that energy, you'll need a resistance band and 10-12 pound dumbbells. Notice, I'm not wearing any shoes. When I'm not in a public gym, I prefer barefoot workout because I can find better balance, but I do recommend shoes because the weights can be dangerous. 

Complete each move for the amount of reps given, move on to the next, and then repeat the entire round three times. Rest for 10 or 20 seconds when absolutely needed, but try to keep moving with minimal breaks. 

Ready? Sweaty? (you will be). Fantastic! 

goblet squats, 12-15 reps

  • stand with feet just wider than hip distance apart, holding dumbbells together in hands. lower down into squat, keeping the chest lifted and knees pressed out. press the heels into the ground and slowly rise, squeezing the glutes. repeat 12-15 reps. 

step up tuck jumps, 10 reps

  • begin in "prayer" position, and lift the left leg up to a 90-degree angle, then the right. jump up, squeezing the abs to bring the knees and elbows together in one jump. land softly back on the ground, lower the left leg and the right, and repeat the move 10 times. 

double lunges (right leg), 6 reps

  • grab one weight and balance on the left leg. drop into a side lunge, keeping the left leg straight while squatting into the right. push back up into standing balance, drop the right leg down and lunge backward, leading with the left. come back up into standing balance and repeat the sequence 6 times
  • extra challenge: lunge twice each time you go down (hence "double" lunge).

*complete the next move, and then repeat sequence on opposite leg*

curtsy lunge to squat (right leg), 12 reps

  • begin in low squat position and bring the left leg back and slightly to the right, lunging into the right leg. bring the left leg back in line with the right and repeat the sequence 12 times. 

resisted squats, 12-15 reps

  • bring a resistance band up about an inch above the knees. grab one dumbbell, stand with feet hip-width distance apart. lower into squat, keeping the chest lifted and weight pressing into the heels. lift back up, squeezing the glutes, and pulse the left leg twice. repeat the sequence, this time pulsing the right leg twice. repeat 12-15 reps.

resisted rocket squats, 15 reps

  • bring the resistance band again about an inch above the knees, lower into squat position, and jump as high as possible. land softly back on the ground and repeat 15 times, keeping the core tight and chest lifted.

weighted squat jacks, 12-15 reps

  • grab one dumbbell and lower into squat position, letting the weight hang just above the ground. shoot up like in a jumping jack, bring the feet together and weight above the head. jump back down into squat position and repeat 12-15 times, keeping the core tight and chest lifted. 

Aaaaaaand you're done! Drop those weights, shake out the legs, drink some water, stretch and call it a day. You've earned it - this is not an easy workout, but it's definitely still one of my favorites.I've seen results consistently, yet I'm not spending hours every week in the gym, waiting for machines (or let's be honest - trying to figure out how to work them), etc. 

Want more? What kind of workouts would YOU like to see? What fits your schedule? Leave a comment down below or on my YouTube channel - I LOVE hearing your feedback and incorporating it into each post. 

Thanks for reading, watching, and working out with me!

Bodyweight HIIT Workout

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Let me introduce to you my FAVORITE workout :) seriously guys - this one is a guaranteed butt-kicker, but it's a blast! I can always count on this workout to challenge me, no matter what day of the week it is. Aaaaaand it's travel-friendly - I'm completing it here in my living room, but it's also been done in the gym, in a hotel room, in the the kitchen (yepp, really), and anywhere else big enough for a yoga mat. That's all you need! 

Be sure to take a few minutes for a warm-up. Maybe some jumping jacks, a light jog, a couple cycles on the stationary bike - whatever gets your heart pumping and muscles warm. 


MOVE #1: step-up squat jumps, 10 reps 

  • begin on both knees. bring one leg up, stand in squat position, jump as high as possible and land softly back in squat position. lower down to both knees and repeat sequence 10 times, keeping abs and glutes engaged. 

MOVE #2: tuck jumps, 15 reps 

  • begin in squat position. jump up as high as possible, bringing knees close into the chest to meet elbows. land softly on the floor and repeat 15 times. keep the knees in line with ankles/toes to prevent injury. 

MOVE #3: T push-ups, 10 reps 

  • move into push-up position. lower down and back up, then twist and open up to one side, raising the arm above head. lower back down into push-up position, push up, open to the opposite side and raise the arm above head. repeat 10 times. keep the abs and quads engaged. 

MOVE #4: burpees, 15 reps 

  • in high-plank position, jump to bring toes near fingers. pop up into squat position and jump as high as possible. lower back into high-plank and repeat sequence 15 times, keeping abs pulled in . 



MOVE #1: 180 degree squat jumps, 20 reps 

  • begin in squat position, jump as high as possible, turning 180 degrees to face the opposite direction, and land in squat position. repeat 20 times, landing softly and keeping knees in line with ankles/toes to prevent injury. 

MOVE #2: ice skaters, 20 reps 

  • begin in one-leg squat position - balance. push off the ground and jump to land in one-leg squat on the opposite leg - balance again. repeat jumps 20 times. 

MOVE #3: tricep push-up to knee drive, 5 reps 

  • in high-plank position, slowly lower down until chest is just above the floor, keeping elbows close to the rib cage. push back up, bringing the right knee in towards the left elbow, and then push it back out. repeat with opposite leg, and repeat entire sequence 5 times. 

MOVE #4: shoulder taps, 20 reps 

  • move into high-plank position. tap right shoulder with left hand, then left shoulder with right hand. repeat 20 times total, keeping abs and quads engaged, with hips parallel to the floor. 



MOVE #1: scissor jumps, 30 reps 

  • start in lunge position - opposite arm matching opposite leg - and jump, switching arm and leg, landing with the opposite leg in front. repeat 30 times. 

MOVE #2: roll-up squat jumps, 15 reps 

  • begin in squat position and roll down to the floor. stop when feet reach just above forehead, use abs to roll back up into squat position, jump, roll back down and repeat sequence 15 times. 

MOVE #3: fwd/bwd crawls, 10 reps 

  • come into high-plank position and bring knees closer in towards chest. take 3 steps forward (opposite arm moves with opposite leg), 3 steps back, and repeat sequence 10 times. 

MOVE #4: walk-out push-ups, 10 reps 

  • stand with feet hip-distance apart. slowly walk arms out - keeping abs tight and quads engaged - until in push-up position. push up, walk back to standing, and repeat move 10 times. 


You may be done, but don't forget to cool down! Run in place (or all over the place), jump a few jacks, and do some dynamic stretches to relax and stretch your hard-working muscles. 

WOOOOOO - lots of excitement running through my veins (and sweat dripping down my face) to finally be done with this workout and sharing it with all of you! I've got plenty more coming for you guys. Have you tried this workout? Anything you want to see specifically? Leave a comment below! :) 

PS: check out Eat Healthy Designs to see more food-funny clothing and DrinkRE for my go-to morning energy shots!

The Travel Buddy

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I may or may not be typing this post from my huge white fluffy bed inside a pretty-much-magical castle nestled in the velvety green rolling hills of Scotland while munching on the last few crumbs of yesterday's vegan berry crumble pastry... 

BUUUUUT, in my defense, I did wake up at 6:30 AM to beat everyone else downstairs so that I could squeeze in this 20-minute workout. Justified? Duh. If you're a little confused, let me explain. I'm traveling through England with my family! We've strolled through London, Tunbridge, Sheffield, and alllllllll the way over to Scotland, which brings me here. The past week-and-a-half have been packed with walking through cities, playing with some of the cutest kids on earth, exploring a little bit of the (foreign to me) world of alcohol (I'm legal over here!!!!), and so many other activities I can't even count. 

Of course, I've assured myself that I don't need to workout every single day, nor do I even want to workout everyday. How exhausting would that be? Noooo thank you. However, I do still crave some challenging physical activity here and there, amidst the busy schedule of vacation, so I've searched Pinterest through and through for the perfect little burst of intensity and created this "travel-sized" one to help you stay in shape (and/or sane, if you're like me) when you're off exploring somewhere new and exciting. 

Warm Up

I really don't have anything specific here, so just jump around or jog in place and wave your arms around for a few minutes like you're stranded and desperate for help in whatever travel-destination you find yourself. When you're hot and sweaty (hopefully not from actual nerves - remember you're just pretending), you're definitely ready.


40 jumping jacks
20 jump squats
20 side-lunges
40 mountain climbers
10 burpees
30 plie jump squats
40 high-knees
10 push-ups
40 mountain climbers (or hold plank and count to 60) 

Rest for one minute and repeat as many times as you can! I finished this set in about 5-6 minutes and then repeated it four times to make for a ~20 minute workout. If you only have 15 minutes, then just finish three sets. If you have more than 20 minutes, then let me see how many you can finish! 

Make sure to take a minute or two to do some quick stretching and cool-down exercises! 

Cardio Spinning

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Okay, it's safe to say I'm now obsessed with biking - whether or not the wheels actually move. My mobile one takes me to and from class (and is especially helpful when I'm running late) and all around SLO. The stationary ones at the gym relieve stress and kick. my. butt (and have helped give it a little more "umph", not to toot my own or anything though). 

You may have seen/tried my Hard for 20 spin workout, and maybe you're looking for a something with more of a cardio kick. This one lasts for about 45 minutes (including the warm-up and cool-down) and will, no doubt, leave you dripping, panting, and feeling ALIVE :) 


  • Get creative here - if you'd rather warm up with jumping jacks, high-knees, light jogging, go for it. If you want to waste no time and get on that bike, then spend 2-3 minutes spinning at road-speed (don't crank up the resistance, but don't let the momentum of the pedals take over). 


  • 2 minute sprints + 1 minute active recovery 
    • set the resistance a little higher than road-speed and pedal as fast as you can for 2 minutes
    • take it back to road-speed, let your legs slow down and catch your breath
    • repeat 6 times
  • 2 minute "floats" + 30 second sprints + 1 minute active recovery 
    • crank up the resistance, stand up off your seat and lean back so you feel your glutes burn. try to float for 2 minutes - keep your hips still and don't bounce up and down
    • sit down, lower the resistance for 30 seconds to catch your breath
    • increase the resistance just a bit more and sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds 
    • lower it back down and recover for 1 minute
    • repeat 4 times (5 if you're feelin' mighty fine) 


  • pretty much the same as warm-up, just reverse it - gradually decrease your speed and resistance until you've caught your breath again (I typically go for 2-3 minutes) 
  • stand up, lean back and stretch your hammies, calves, and glutes on each leg 

How are you feeling? Strong? Exhausted? Sweaty? Good! Those are some signs of hard work :) 

If you liked this workout (or even if you didn't) let me know! Comment below, email me, and/or tag me and #hungryhaley on Instagram and Twitter! 

Hard for 20

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I've made this workout a habit since school started - it's a short, fast workout that gets my heart pumping and my body sweating! If those two things aren't happening during a workout, something's not right. 

This workout is all about intervals, which makes it flexible to wherever you are. If you don't have a stationary bike or can't get access to one, try running high-speed on the treadmill or outdoors, or hopping on the stairclimber for 20 minutes instead. The point of this workout is to go "hard for 20 [minutes]" - get it? Good :) 


  • Take 5 minutes to loosen up your muscles with some dynamic stretches, high-knees, or by jogging in place or around wherever you are. Again, this part is for you! Listen to your body - if you just woke up, you might need to spenda little extra time here. 


  •  Stationary bike 
    • 1 minute high-resistance - kick this one up by raising your butt off the seat and leaning forward from your hips. You'll feel a burn in your hamstrings and glutes! 
    • 1 minute rest/low-resistance - take this time to sit back down and catch your breath. 
    • Repeat that sequence 10 times! 
  • Stairclimber 
    • 1 minute high-speed - crank up the speed so that you're speed-walking up the stairs. Don't try to jog unless you know you can and have done it before. You can also try shifting your body and facing one side for 30 seconds and then switching. 
    • 1 minute low-speed - reduce the speed and catch your breath. Do NOT hang on the railings of the machine - that does nothing for you! Stand up straight, and if you really need to, take 5 or 10 seconds to pause completely and then get back into it. 
    • Repeat that sequence 10 times! 
  • Running 
    • 1-2 minutes high-speed OR incline - if you're on the street, increase your speed for 1-2 minutes. If you're on a treadmill, you can try increasing the incline to simulate running uphill! Whichever you choose, aim for anywhere between 1-2 minutes. 
    • 1 minute active rest - active rest simply means to keep moving to prevent cramps even when the speed/resistance/incline are low. You can bring it to a light jog, a speed-walk, or running-in-place if you're at a stoplight on the street. 

YAY YOU FINISHED! But wait - take it a step further (if you're feeling like you can) and work your upper-body for 10 minutes.


  • Walk-out push-ups - do 10 and then rest. 
  • Plank-raises - go for 1 minute and then rest. 
  • Twist Roll-ups - hit 20 (10 on each side) then rest. 
  • Side plank dips - 25 on each side with no break between, and then rest. 

Strong and Toned

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Those full-body workouts that push us for an hour in the gym are awesome, but they're not always the ones we have time for. And you probably already know that spending 45 long, exhausting minutes on the stairclimber everyday just won't do the toning-trick. So, that begs the question, what workout do I turn to when I'm short on time but long on the need for both strength and toned muscles? It's these short bursts of intense exercise that do the trick. 

Here's why I love this workout so much - 

  1. It's quick. After a five-minute warm-up, I push myself as hard as possible for about 25 minutes and then I'm done! I can start the rest of my day with energy and satisfaction knowing that I showed my workout who's boss. 
  2. It doesn't require any equipment. This means it can be done just about anywhere - in your backyard (early-morning peace and quiet, anyone?), in a corner at the gym when every other space is packed with weight-lifters, in your hotel room when travel takes you who-knows-where (don't you dare complain - you're exploring!), in a coffee shop (maybe not - that's just where I happen to be at the moment), or even in the kitchen (while those chocolate-y post-workout rewards are baking..). You get the point! 
  3. It doesn't drain every last bit of my energy. Don't get me wrong - I designed this workout to challenge you, and I hope you'll listen to your body and up the intensity if need be, but I made sure to keep in mind that we're busy and have other obligations throughout the day that need our attention and focus. Your muscles will know that you just worked out, but (assuming you slept enough the night before and refueled properly post-workout) you'll have energy and motivation for the rest of the day's activities. 

Alright, enough talk. Let's get warmed-up and worked-out! 


  • This part is up to you - have some fun with it! Use the space around you to run in circles for a couple minutes or mix it up with jumping jacks, high-knees, jumping side-twists (from my full-body weight training, remember?), just get yourself a little sweaty! 

When you're feeling ready to begin, complete each set three times as fast as possible before moving on to the next. Push yourself! 

Set #1

  • Vertical squat jumps - 1 minute
  • Plank rises - 1 minute 
  • Repeat that set 3 times as fast as you can, then rest 30 seconds and move on to set #2.

Set #2 

  • Ice skaters - 1 minute 
  • Mountain climbers - 30 seconds 
  • High-knees - 30 seconds 
  • Repeat 3x, rest for 30 seconds, and then start set #3.

Set #3 

  • Jumping lunges - 1 minute
  • Walking push-ups - 1 minute 
  • You know the drill - do it 3 times, take a 30-second breather, and finish the last set strong! 

Set #4

  • Burpees - 1 minute

Aaaaaaaand that's it! You did it! Stretch, drink plenty of water, and refuel. Click here for a guide to the best post-workout bites to help you re-energize and refuel. 

Smile, share your #purelypositive tips (maybe this workout is one?), and keep up the hard work! 

Full-Body Weight Training

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Welcome to my first workout post! I'm so excited to start sharing my favorite ones with you guys. I'll be posting cardio, strength, intervals, pool workouts and more! What's great about them is that most of them can be done in your house, your garage, or your backyard if you don't have time to hit the gym. 

Here's one I'm heading off to do right now. It's a strength-training, full-body workout. It's a tough one, so get ready! 


10 minutes stationary bike

·      3 minutes road speed

·      5 minutes intervals

o   1 minute sprint, 1 minute active recovery

·      2 minutes road speed


Equipment: 2-12 lb. dumbells, 1 jump-rope

Set #1 – repeat 3 times

·      1 minute jump-rope

·      100 jumping side-twists

·      18-20 squats with dumbells 

·      60 bicycles (abs)

o   10 slow and controlled

o   50 fast

Set #2 – repeat 3 times

·      20 jumping jacks

·      80 high knees (each knee-touch counts as 1)

·      15 backward lunges with 12 lb. dumbells

o   1 leg at a time

·      18 roll-ups with twist (abs)

Set #3 – repeat 3 times

·      1 minute jump-rope

·      14 pull-backs with 12 lb. dumbells

·      14 up-and-outs (abs)

Set #4 – repeat 3 times

·      1 minute jump-rope

·      6 1-leg bicep-curls into press

o   1 side at a time

·      20 side-plank dips

o   1 side at a time 

Nicely done! Don't forget to stretch - your hamstrings and quads got plenty of work. Also, drink lots of water and put some protein and complex carbs in your body as soon as you can. Stay tuned for more workouts and information on what I like to refuel with after a tough workout :) 

Leave comments and let me know how you did!