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Full-Body Weight Training

Haley HansenComment

Welcome to my first workout post! I'm so excited to start sharing my favorite ones with you guys. I'll be posting cardio, strength, intervals, pool workouts and more! What's great about them is that most of them can be done in your house, your garage, or your backyard if you don't have time to hit the gym. 

Here's one I'm heading off to do right now. It's a strength-training, full-body workout. It's a tough one, so get ready! 


10 minutes stationary bike

·      3 minutes road speed

·      5 minutes intervals

o   1 minute sprint, 1 minute active recovery

·      2 minutes road speed


Equipment: 2-12 lb. dumbells, 1 jump-rope

Set #1 – repeat 3 times

·      1 minute jump-rope

·      100 jumping side-twists

·      18-20 squats with dumbells 

·      60 bicycles (abs)

o   10 slow and controlled

o   50 fast

Set #2 – repeat 3 times

·      20 jumping jacks

·      80 high knees (each knee-touch counts as 1)

·      15 backward lunges with 12 lb. dumbells

o   1 leg at a time

·      18 roll-ups with twist (abs)

Set #3 – repeat 3 times

·      1 minute jump-rope

·      14 pull-backs with 12 lb. dumbells

·      14 up-and-outs (abs)

Set #4 – repeat 3 times

·      1 minute jump-rope

·      6 1-leg bicep-curls into press

o   1 side at a time

·      20 side-plank dips

o   1 side at a time 

Nicely done! Don't forget to stretch - your hamstrings and quads got plenty of work. Also, drink lots of water and put some protein and complex carbs in your body as soon as you can. Stay tuned for more workouts and information on what I like to refuel with after a tough workout :) 

Leave comments and let me know how you did!