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Cardio Spinning

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Okay, it's safe to say I'm now obsessed with biking - whether or not the wheels actually move. My mobile one takes me to and from class (and is especially helpful when I'm running late) and all around SLO. The stationary ones at the gym relieve stress and kick. my. butt (and have helped give it a little more "umph", not to toot my own or anything though). 

You may have seen/tried my Hard for 20 spin workout, and maybe you're looking for a something with more of a cardio kick. This one lasts for about 45 minutes (including the warm-up and cool-down) and will, no doubt, leave you dripping, panting, and feeling ALIVE :) 


  • Get creative here - if you'd rather warm up with jumping jacks, high-knees, light jogging, go for it. If you want to waste no time and get on that bike, then spend 2-3 minutes spinning at road-speed (don't crank up the resistance, but don't let the momentum of the pedals take over). 


  • 2 minute sprints + 1 minute active recovery 
    • set the resistance a little higher than road-speed and pedal as fast as you can for 2 minutes
    • take it back to road-speed, let your legs slow down and catch your breath
    • repeat 6 times
  • 2 minute "floats" + 30 second sprints + 1 minute active recovery 
    • crank up the resistance, stand up off your seat and lean back so you feel your glutes burn. try to float for 2 minutes - keep your hips still and don't bounce up and down
    • sit down, lower the resistance for 30 seconds to catch your breath
    • increase the resistance just a bit more and sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds 
    • lower it back down and recover for 1 minute
    • repeat 4 times (5 if you're feelin' mighty fine) 


  • pretty much the same as warm-up, just reverse it - gradually decrease your speed and resistance until you've caught your breath again (I typically go for 2-3 minutes) 
  • stand up, lean back and stretch your hammies, calves, and glutes on each leg 

How are you feeling? Strong? Exhausted? Sweaty? Good! Those are some signs of hard work :) 

If you liked this workout (or even if you didn't) let me know! Comment below, email me, and/or tag me and #hungryhaley on Instagram and Twitter!