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Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Haley Hansen2 Comments

Let me introduce to you my FAVORITE workout :) seriously guys - this one is a guaranteed butt-kicker, but it's a blast! I can always count on this workout to challenge me, no matter what day of the week it is. Aaaaaand it's travel-friendly - I'm completing it here in my living room, but it's also been done in the gym, in a hotel room, in the the kitchen (yepp, really), and anywhere else big enough for a yoga mat. That's all you need! 

Be sure to take a few minutes for a warm-up. Maybe some jumping jacks, a light jog, a couple cycles on the stationary bike - whatever gets your heart pumping and muscles warm. 


MOVE #1: step-up squat jumps, 10 reps 

  • begin on both knees. bring one leg up, stand in squat position, jump as high as possible and land softly back in squat position. lower down to both knees and repeat sequence 10 times, keeping abs and glutes engaged. 

MOVE #2: tuck jumps, 15 reps 

  • begin in squat position. jump up as high as possible, bringing knees close into the chest to meet elbows. land softly on the floor and repeat 15 times. keep the knees in line with ankles/toes to prevent injury. 

MOVE #3: T push-ups, 10 reps 

  • move into push-up position. lower down and back up, then twist and open up to one side, raising the arm above head. lower back down into push-up position, push up, open to the opposite side and raise the arm above head. repeat 10 times. keep the abs and quads engaged. 

MOVE #4: burpees, 15 reps 

  • in high-plank position, jump to bring toes near fingers. pop up into squat position and jump as high as possible. lower back into high-plank and repeat sequence 15 times, keeping abs pulled in . 



MOVE #1: 180 degree squat jumps, 20 reps 

  • begin in squat position, jump as high as possible, turning 180 degrees to face the opposite direction, and land in squat position. repeat 20 times, landing softly and keeping knees in line with ankles/toes to prevent injury. 

MOVE #2: ice skaters, 20 reps 

  • begin in one-leg squat position - balance. push off the ground and jump to land in one-leg squat on the opposite leg - balance again. repeat jumps 20 times. 

MOVE #3: tricep push-up to knee drive, 5 reps 

  • in high-plank position, slowly lower down until chest is just above the floor, keeping elbows close to the rib cage. push back up, bringing the right knee in towards the left elbow, and then push it back out. repeat with opposite leg, and repeat entire sequence 5 times. 

MOVE #4: shoulder taps, 20 reps 

  • move into high-plank position. tap right shoulder with left hand, then left shoulder with right hand. repeat 20 times total, keeping abs and quads engaged, with hips parallel to the floor. 



MOVE #1: scissor jumps, 30 reps 

  • start in lunge position - opposite arm matching opposite leg - and jump, switching arm and leg, landing with the opposite leg in front. repeat 30 times. 

MOVE #2: roll-up squat jumps, 15 reps 

  • begin in squat position and roll down to the floor. stop when feet reach just above forehead, use abs to roll back up into squat position, jump, roll back down and repeat sequence 15 times. 

MOVE #3: fwd/bwd crawls, 10 reps 

  • come into high-plank position and bring knees closer in towards chest. take 3 steps forward (opposite arm moves with opposite leg), 3 steps back, and repeat sequence 10 times. 

MOVE #4: walk-out push-ups, 10 reps 

  • stand with feet hip-distance apart. slowly walk arms out - keeping abs tight and quads engaged - until in push-up position. push up, walk back to standing, and repeat move 10 times. 


You may be done, but don't forget to cool down! Run in place (or all over the place), jump a few jacks, and do some dynamic stretches to relax and stretch your hard-working muscles. 

WOOOOOO - lots of excitement running through my veins (and sweat dripping down my face) to finally be done with this workout and sharing it with all of you! I've got plenty more coming for you guys. Have you tried this workout? Anything you want to see specifically? Leave a comment below! :) 

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