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Lower Body Blast - plyometrics + strength // legs + glutes // 30 minutes

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For as often as I workout, one would think I'd be posting more workouts than sweet potatoes covered in peanut butter or roasted brussel sprouts tossed with black beans or whatever I'm eating. Ya' know? But the truth is, these workout posts take about an entire day's worth all-in-all - from shooting pics and filming each move to editing the pics, piecing together each clip, and uploading it all...

... which is why I've made no other plans for my spring break than to dedicate as much time as possible to getting some quad and booty work done so that I can share my favorite lower body workout! Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk legs. 

This workout is no joke - I designed it to push the quads and glutes to the limit - so be sure to take a few minutes to warm up. Whether it be jumping jacks, jogging, running in place, or whatever pumps blood and brings in oxygen, get to it. You'll need it! 

Along with that energy, you'll need a resistance band and 10-12 pound dumbbells. Notice, I'm not wearing any shoes. When I'm not in a public gym, I prefer barefoot workout because I can find better balance, but I do recommend shoes because the weights can be dangerous. 

Complete each move for the amount of reps given, move on to the next, and then repeat the entire round three times. Rest for 10 or 20 seconds when absolutely needed, but try to keep moving with minimal breaks. 

Ready? Sweaty? (you will be). Fantastic! 

goblet squats, 12-15 reps

  • stand with feet just wider than hip distance apart, holding dumbbells together in hands. lower down into squat, keeping the chest lifted and knees pressed out. press the heels into the ground and slowly rise, squeezing the glutes. repeat 12-15 reps. 

step up tuck jumps, 10 reps

  • begin in "prayer" position, and lift the left leg up to a 90-degree angle, then the right. jump up, squeezing the abs to bring the knees and elbows together in one jump. land softly back on the ground, lower the left leg and the right, and repeat the move 10 times. 

double lunges (right leg), 6 reps

  • grab one weight and balance on the left leg. drop into a side lunge, keeping the left leg straight while squatting into the right. push back up into standing balance, drop the right leg down and lunge backward, leading with the left. come back up into standing balance and repeat the sequence 6 times
  • extra challenge: lunge twice each time you go down (hence "double" lunge).

*complete the next move, and then repeat sequence on opposite leg*

curtsy lunge to squat (right leg), 12 reps

  • begin in low squat position and bring the left leg back and slightly to the right, lunging into the right leg. bring the left leg back in line with the right and repeat the sequence 12 times. 

resisted squats, 12-15 reps

  • bring a resistance band up about an inch above the knees. grab one dumbbell, stand with feet hip-width distance apart. lower into squat, keeping the chest lifted and weight pressing into the heels. lift back up, squeezing the glutes, and pulse the left leg twice. repeat the sequence, this time pulsing the right leg twice. repeat 12-15 reps.

resisted rocket squats, 15 reps

  • bring the resistance band again about an inch above the knees, lower into squat position, and jump as high as possible. land softly back on the ground and repeat 15 times, keeping the core tight and chest lifted.

weighted squat jacks, 12-15 reps

  • grab one dumbbell and lower into squat position, letting the weight hang just above the ground. shoot up like in a jumping jack, bring the feet together and weight above the head. jump back down into squat position and repeat 12-15 times, keeping the core tight and chest lifted. 

Aaaaaaand you're done! Drop those weights, shake out the legs, drink some water, stretch and call it a day. You've earned it - this is not an easy workout, but it's definitely still one of my favorites.I've seen results consistently, yet I'm not spending hours every week in the gym, waiting for machines (or let's be honest - trying to figure out how to work them), etc. 

Want more? What kind of workouts would YOU like to see? What fits your schedule? Leave a comment down below or on my YouTube channel - I LOVE hearing your feedback and incorporating it into each post. 

Thanks for reading, watching, and working out with me!