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The Happy Plate (Vegan, GF, Grain-free option)

Vegan, Gluten-FreeHaley HansenComment

Since I transitioned into veganism, my lunches and dinners have mainly consisted of a ginormous plate of steamed or roasted vegetables, rice or quinoa or whole-grain bread/tortillas, and some sort of protein. I absolutely LOVE coming home from a long day of classes or work knowing that dinner will be done in a flash, my plate will be full, and my tastebuds will be beyond satisfied (three more reasons to love veganism, right there). 

These plates are so simple and too good not to share!


  • when you buy vegetables in bulk, take a half hour or so when you get home from shopping to prep them so that they're all ready for the week. 
    • wash, peel, cut, spiralize, or however you like to prep each one 
    • steam, roast, bake, or leave raw

I've made this plate a thousand times (okay, maybe no that many) over the past two months and I've done it a couple different ways. Here's the first...

2 red potatoes (boiled), broccoli (steamed), tempeh (seared), lettuce, tahini dressing (recipe here

And here's the second! 

1 large russet potato (roasted), spinach (steamed), carrots and zucchini (steamed), tahini dressing and cilantro 

Don't hesitate to personalize this - if you prefer other veggies, use those instead! I called this "The Happy Plate" because these veggies are some of my favorites and make me so happy when I eat them. They're my comfort foods, but if they aren't yours, don't force yourself to eat them! 

Makes 1 big plate 

1 baking potato, or 2 red potatoes
1/2-2 cups of your favorite veggies (I prefer non-starchy ones to balance w/ the potato)
2-3 oz. tempeh (tofu works too) 
1/2 cup beans or lentils
Tahini dressing (recipe here)
Optional: cilantro, hot sauce for topping

  1. Bake, roast, or boil your potatoes to cook them. If you roast them, you'll need a little oil, but just a little! 
  2. Steam your veggies and cook your protein according to package directions.
  3. Finally, when the potatoes are ready, place everything on a plate, drizzle with tahini and cilantro or hot sauce, if using. 
  4. YUM :) 

How are you going to personalize this recipe? Comment below or tag me on instagram!