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Mammoth Bars

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This post is sponsored by Mammoth Bars. Everything stated is my own opinion. Thanks for supporting my blog and my active lifestyle! 

Today, I present to you the latest and greatest (and yes, I mean that) of bars entering my life - Mammoth Bars! Are you familiar? If you're not, then you're in the right place to learn some more about this nutrient-packed bar. 

Mammoth Bars - Spotlight

What is it? 

Mammoth Bar is a combination of a protein bar and an energy bar - it's creators have blended sprouted nuts, egg whites, and dried fruit into a snack that packs more than what most other options on store shelves can offer. These bars live up to their motto, "no weird stuff", by limiting ingredients (all organic) to only those which consumers of all lifestyles can pronounce and recognize. 

My opinion

Boy, have I had more than my fair share of protein bars, energy bars, and anything in between in my days. At this point, I have high expectations, and rightfully so. Just like I can't quite put into words my "type" when it comes to boys, I can't describe my ideal bar. However, I've been finding lately that, when the right one (aka my "type") comes along, I know it. 

Mammoth Bar is that bar. Mammoth Bar is the bar I couldn't put into words. 

In terms of taste, it's just sweet enough for my liking (and you know I have a an almost insatiable sweet tooth) - no added sugars, only dates. It's chewy, but not the rip-your-teeth-out type. It's rich and satisfying, with a variance of textures and flavors throughout. Most importantly, for me at least, it feels like a snack, not an entire meal. I prefer to listen to my own body instead of reading nutrition facts (aka counting calories, fat, carbs, etc.) when I'm giving something new a try, and body appreciates how Mammoth Bar fuels it. 

Why Mammoth Bar?

In conjunction with reasons stated above, I support Mammoth Bar because they're setting an example for other companies of all product varieties - stick to minimal ingredients, harvest them at their peak ripeness and let them shine with as little processing interference as possible. Mammoth Bars are hand-crafted and shipped out to buyers within days, at most. Knowing that someone put such care and time into the food I put into my body brings me comfort and confidence in that particular food's power - again, Mammoth Bar is setting an example, at least, an example I want to follow and one I hope other companies, restaurants, and producers begin to follow, as well. 

Where to buy?

  1. Online, here. You can make a one-time purchase using "hungryhaley" to receive 25% off your order, and you can then subscribe, if you'd like, to receive bars on a regular basis (which saves you 11% per shipment). 
  2. In select retail stores in Northern CA, the Bay Area specifically. 
  3. Nationwide in Peet's Coffee shops. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you give Mammoth Bars a try, and if you do, leave a comment below! I would love to hear your opinion. 

Mammoth Bars - Spotlight

Purity Coffee

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This post is sponsored by Purity Coffee. Everything stated is my own opinion. Thanks for supporting my blog and making the healthiest, most delicious coffee around town! 

Let this be the debut of my inner coffee-lover. I've been drinking the magic stuff for almost three years, but not until I discovered Purity Coffee did I really begin to educate myself more on the drink we all know and love! 

Purity Coffee

What is it? 

Coffee... duh. I'm not trying to sound like your favorite salesperson here, but Purity Coffee really isn't the same stuff as what's on most grocery store shelves nowadays. Their whole process - from harvesting to roasting to packing - ensures that buyers receive the healthiest version of coffee available. It's also:

  • organic: uses methods that recycle, conserve biodiversity, and balance local ecology. 
  • almost defect-free: "speciality coffee" is the highest standard of coffee, and therefore contains the fewest defects. 
  • mold-free: is frequently lab-tested to ensure no traces of mold and/or mycotoxins exist in the beans. 
  • sustainable: "an integrated system of plant and animal production practices that will last over the long term" (according to the website).
Purity Coffee

My opinion:

I'm no "coffee-snob", so I've never really been one to toss a cup of coffee because I didn't like the taste (that only happened once). A medium-dark roast is my go-to, simple as that. When a representative from Purity Coffee assured me I'd taste and feel the difference most just by drinking it, I felt unsure, but I went with it. 

Aaaaaaand she was certainly correct. It just tastes... cleaner, fresher, richer, more robust. The biggest difference I noticed was feeling way less bloated after drinking it, a side effect I always ignored after drinking other coffee. I'll be honest - the taste didn't convince me that this is a life-changing cup of coffee (like I said, not a coffee-snob over here), but I felt mentally and as a result physically better drinking it, knowing what is going into my body is pure (pun intended), boasting maximum health benefits and reaping no potential consequences. 

Purity Coffee

Why Purity?

I don't buy into the "coffee is bad for you" campaign. Sure, it can raise cortisol (aka stress hormone) levels, but that only becomes harmful when stress levels elsewhere in life are through the roof and sleep is not happening like it should. I've got my stress under control, for the most part, and I get enough sleep. I enjoy coffee. Up until recently, I've never seen it as a "superfood" or a "bad food"... until now. 

I researched Purity Coffee and had no idea that coffee beans have higher levels of antioxidants than my favorite fruits - berries! Say whaaaat? Think about how many Americans drink coffee regularly - quite a few, huh? A cup of coffee is much more convenient and sometimes easier to get our hands on than a cup of berries, aaaaaand it's packed with many more antioxidants! Purity Coffee has the highest antioxidant level of all coffees at a roast level that produces the lowest level of acrylamide. Some coffees compared may have a higher level of antioxidants, but they also had a higher level of acrylamide. 


Aside from providing the body with antioxidants, coffee has also been shown to boost physical and brain performance, as well as metabolism, and decrease the risk for depression.

Purity Coffee

Where to buy?

Online! When you checkout, be SURE to use "hungryhaley" to receive a discounted price on any order. Here, you can purchase by the bag or subscribe and receive a shipment size of your choice and frequency. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this information helpful in making your next coffee decision! 

Purity Coffee

NuttZo 7 Nut & Seed Butter

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Nut butter. It's one of those phrases I just love to say, mostly because it tends to bring about a sense of discomfort in some when repeated over and over, especially when paired with "uggghhhhh I LOVE nut butter!" (and don't even get me started on "nut milk" and "nut cheese"). 

Nuttzo 7 Nut & Seed Butter

I love nut butter. Let's be honest - you probably do, too. For as long as I can remember, I've been scooping spoonfuls of this creamy diet-staple on a daily basis. Whether slathered between two slices of bread in one of Mom's PB & J sandwiches with homemade strawberry jam, eaten straight out of the jar as an afternoon snack, drizzled (or dumped) atop a breakfast smoothie bowl, or even snuck into cookie dough for extra rich flavor, nut butters... 

... they make me happy when skies are gray (skies are currently very gray). They make me happy when skies are blue, too, though. Heck, the sky could even be a fiery orange or deep purple and, as long as I've got a jar of nut butter in hand, all is well to me. 

My latest obsession: NuttZo Nut Butters. 

What is it?

Sorry - excuse my sassiness. NuttZo is a redefined version of nut butters. It's not just almonds or peanuts. NuttZo has tapped the shoulder of my inner forgetful self and added in nuts and seeds with all the nutrients my body needs most: chia seeds, flax seeds, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, and more. 

Um, thank youuuuuuuuu. #amen

My opinion: (3 versions)

1) One of the most unique, delicious nut butters I've ever had. 

2) The first I'll reach for in the nut butter aisle at the grocery store (this is saying A LOT). 

3) Absolutely worth every penny (I'll explain more below). 

Why NuttZo?

Because, if you're anything like me (busy, on-the-go, health-minded, nut-butter-loving), NuttZo speaks directly to you by combining all those essential, otherwise hard-to-find nutrients into a simple, delicious, complete-protein nut butter - peanut, almond, or chocolate! On their own, nuts and seeds are incomplete proteins, but when combined (whether in one meal or within a short period of time), become complete proteins for our bodies to more easily access and utilize. 

Need another reason to buy? Each purchase supports Project Left Behind - a non-profit that aims to "promote education, improved nutrition, and living conditions for orphans and neglected children around the world." Need I say more? 

Where to buy?

Find NuttZo at most health food grocery stores, some Costco locations, and online via their own website, Thrive Market (my favorite), and Amazon Marketplace

My favorite NuttZo uses:

1. Nut-butter-topped smoothies:

2. Nut-butter-filled breakfast sandwiches:

3. Nut-butter snacks:

Thank you for reading and enduring all my talk about how much I absolutely adore nut butter, especially the way NuttZo crafts it. As always, if you enjoyed this post, keep coming back for more! Leave a comment below with your suggestion for my next post, whether it be a recipe, workout, nutrition tip, or product review.