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DrinkRE Energy Shots

Haley HansenComment

If you watch my Instagram stories, then you've seen a 5 AM picture of me holding one of these shots at least once. At least. 

What is it? 

DrinkRE is a 3 oz. natural energy shot, made from green tea extract, fruit juices, ginseng, and biotin. Unlike Monster ad RedBell, DrinkRE leaves out all the nasty chemicals and additives, and only uses ingredients our bodies can actually use and gain sustainable energy from. 

My opinion: 

I LOVE THEM. I drink one every morning before my workout! 

Taste: My two favorites are the Tropical Citrus Pog (REFocus) and Watermelon Berry (REVive). At first, the strong flavors took a little getting used to, but since the shot is only 3 ounces, it's not too much to handle. 

Texture: Well, it's a liquid, sooo... Okay, but seriously. In comparison to other pre-workout drinks I've tried, DrinkRE is smooth and thin as water. You won't swallow any chunks or little gritty pieces of who knows what. 

Every morning before my workout, I drink a glass of water and then one of these shots, usually about 20-30 minutes before my workout begins. I don't consume caffeine after about 1 or 2 PM, but I've heard that these make fantastic afternoon pick-me-up's as well! 

This post is not sponsored or paid. Everything I say here is total honesty because I support this company, its mission, and its products. Head over to the website to find more information :)