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Tomato, Corn, & Cucumber Balsamic Salad (GF, Vegan)

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Tomatoes, cucumbers, and Balsamic go together better than The Three Musketeers, better than red, white, and blue, and probably even better than Joe, Nick, and Kevin. (Okay, maybe not that good, but you get the idea.) And then to add fresh corn?

AMEN, bruh.

I haven’t been able to whip up fancy delicious breakfasts every morning due to stomach sensitivities, which makes me very, very sad, but I’ve taken it as a sign from the Gods in Heaven’s Kitchen to focus more on lunch/dinner courses. And my grandparents are in town this week, what better time to practice making than time with company? (as long as they’re honest.)

My parents grow tomatoes in our backyard and they are finally ripening to a beautiful, juicy, sweet, redness. While figuring out a dinner plan, I scanned the kitchen for anything that I could use that we already had on hand and a big white bowl barely able to contain a bounty of irresistibly plump and ready-to-be-eaten tomatoes.


Immediately my taste buds reminded me how tasty tomatoes and cucumbers are when paired together with salt and pepper. Add a little balsamic, and its almost perfect.

Then, add a little cilantro, lemon juice, and corn…

And it is perfect.

Too excited to eat mine and make it look presentable next to a burger I was eating, I pretty much just scooped a heaping spoonful onto my plate and called it a night. But I imagine this recipe would make a delicious bruschetta, or pasta topping, maybe even wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla with some grilled chicken?

Go crazy, my friends.


Makes about 4 cups

1 ½ cups quartered cherry tomatoes
4 ears corn, boiled and removed from cob
3 Persian cucumbers, sliced and quartered
3 tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup cilantro
salt and pepper, to taste

1.     Add the tomatoes, corn, and cucumber to a large bowl and mix together.
2.     In a small dish, whisk the last 4 ingredients together and pour over the tomatoes, corn, and cucumber.
3.     Sprinkle with salt and pepper and refrigerate about 3 hours