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Tomato Basil Toasts w/ Cashew Cheeze Spread (Vegan)

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Do I really need to post a recipe for toast?

I’m not posting this because it’s an extremely complex process. Its not – make the vegan cheese, put the bread in the toaster. Spread. Bite. Enjoy. That’s pretty much it.

But I just wanted to show off this bread because I mean…

breaking bread slices close.jpgTomato Basil Toasts w/ Cashew Cheeze Spread (Vegan)

… just LOOK at that. It’s okay – let your eyes wander. You won’t be judged for staring. I think the bread may actually like it, after all the hate it’s been getting lately.  Bread is a b e a u t i f u l creation, am I right or am I right? I’m obviously right if you’re still staring.

I wanted to share with you the history of bread, but considering its birth in early ancient history, however many thousands of years ago, I’d be typing this for days. And, knowing me and my undeniable obsession with it, I would probably spend time I don’t have reading entire books on bread (I did find one via Google Books, which I’m happy to share with anyone who is interested).

So, we’ll just keep this short. For all you Michael Pollan fans out there, this post will be In Defense of Bread…. Get it? :)

From what I researched about bread’s history, the combination of flour + water + a hot oven made itself a staple in homes thousands upon thousands of years ago. Like, so long ago it’s making me question if the Paleo Diet should even exclude bread. We thrived off of it – survived off of it! Pollan, in his Netflix series “Cooked”, gives us a peek into the lives of those in Morocco and other Eastern cultures in which bread is so cherished. In fact, bread was so central to life (it literally translates to “life”), that taking a knife to it to cut slices was seen a violent and shameful act.

Bread means life. But, isn’t Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life (1)? He is, and he cherished bread. Of course, when the Bible mentions the word “bread”, it isn’t always referring to that combination of flour + water that’s been baked in a hot oven, but still – the mere use of it as symbol of life says something, does it not? (Matt. 26:26, John 6:35, Ruth 2:14, Luke 22:19).

Tomato Basil Toasts w/ Cashew Cheeze Spread (Vegan)

Yet, here we are, dieting and crossing bread off of our weekly grocery lists. Well, that’s probably because we began removing from the grain of wheat the majority of its nutrients, found in the bran and the germ (2). That, my friends, is what you probably know as white bread. I won’t tell you bread is bad, and I don’t think any of the wisest dietitians will either. No food should be seen as “bad” (3), including bread – yes, even the highly processed white kind.

The poor loaves have done nothing to hurt us, after all. They’ve only meant to nourish and sustain us from the day the first loaf popped out of the ancient oven.

Naturally, I did feel the need to research the nutrition facts of bread – I just had to. Aaaaaaaand I was stoked to find this trusty website (4) that also defends the enjoyment of any type of bread – white and whole wheat and anything in between. Need more proof (5)?

So, can we pleeeeeeease give bread the break it deserves? Eat the grains. Eat the thick-crust or maybe even deep-dish pizza. Eat the pasta. Eat the rice. Eat the fruits and vegetables and beans and all the oils and nuts and seeds.

Most of all…

Tomato Basil Toasts w/ Cashew Cheeze Spread (Vegan)

... eat. the. damn. bread.

Makes 2-4 slices

2-4 slices whole grain bread (I used the Hearty Grains loaf from Breaking Bread SLO)
Cashew Cheeze Spread
Cherry tomatoes, sliced
Fresh basil leaves, chopped
Salt and pepper, to taste

  1. Place bread in toaster and cook to preferred done-ness. 
  2. Spread cashew cheeze on each slice and top with cherry tomatoes, basil, and salt and pepper. 
  3. Serve immediately. 
  4. Enjoy!
Tomato Basil Toasts w/ Cashew Cheeze Spread (Vegan)