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Olive Oil vs. Coconut Oil vs. Almond Oil

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These are the three oils you'll find in my house, and I've been experimenting with each of them in different recipes. Yeah, that's mostly been just for fun and for taste-purposes, but I've also gathered tons of information regarding which oils are best for certain cooking methods. If canola oil and vegetable oil are the only two greasers in your pantry, it's time to head to the grocery store! 

Olive oil - 

  • Benefits: Yes, it's high in fat, but this kind is actually essential for our bodies. Olive oil is referred to as "monounsaturated", and has been shown to reduce the risk for certain types of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, among other diseases. It also contains lots of vitamin E, which plays an important role in the body's antioxidant function.
  • How to use it: Olive oil can often become the most commonly used oil in cooking, but it is highly susceptible to heat damage and should mainly be used to dress salads, brush on toast, etc. where it isn't exposed to high heat. 

Coconut oil - 

  • Benefits: Coconut oil is classified as a saturated fat because it is composed of medium-chain fatty-acids. These MCFAs can be easier to digest and are not as readily converted into fat by our bodies, so they can increase our metabolism. The list of benefits goes on and on, so click here for the whole thing!
  • How to use it: Unlike olive oil, coconut oil can withstand high heat, so use it to roast veggies (herby potato "fries", anyone?) or sautee them, or grease the skillet with it for pancakes, and enjoy the subtle sweetness it adds for breakfast! 

Almond oil - 

  • Benefits: The most recent HansenHouse discovery, almond oil has become our favorite for cooking. It's benefits range from hair moisture and growth, to skin hydration, to aromatherapy. Of course, it carries with it the benefits of it's whole, nutty sister, too! 
  • How to use it: This is another heat-friendly oil, and is perfect for sauteeing, roasting, and grilling. I'm not big on fried foods, and I never let my foods drown in oil when I cook them, but adding a little extra almond oil to the pan is the perfect touch to crisp up my pan-seared cauliflower and healthier falafel burgers

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