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September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (sigh)

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You heard me. Wednesdays have me on campus from 9 AM - 8 PM with only a two-hour break wedged in there to come home, make some dinner and a snack, and head back to campus for two back-to-back classes. WOOOOOO. 


Coffee, for starters, and it's always Purity Coffee! (use "hungryhaley" for a discounted purchase)

September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (UGH)

Then, some banana pancakes (recipe here) w/ Nancy's whole milk yogurt + strawberries + local honey

September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (UGH)


A quick salad of mixed greens + hard-boiled egg + black bean burger (recipe here) + carrots + cucumber + avocado + honey mustard dressing (mustard + honey + ACV)

September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (UGH)

Aaaaand a mini GoMacro bar for my sweet-tooth

September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (UGH)


whole-grain bread (from Breaking Bread SLO) toasted & topped with NuttZo Power Fuel crunchy + 2 dates + cinnamon (PSA: it tastes almost like a cinnamon roll... almost)

September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (UGH)


Chai tea + Vital Proteins collagen peptides mixed in + maple syrup (it was a weird combination...)

September 20 - CLASS ALL DAY (UGH)


Baked sweet potato fries + Bilinski chicken sausage + mixed greens + Belgioioso parmesan cheese snack pack

2017-09-20 15.19.44.jpg


Mammoth Bar Goji Trailmix - such a good flavor!!

2017-09-20 19.25.01.jpg

Like I said, class from 12-8 is notttttt my ideal schedule, but it's school and I do enjoy most of it (my metabolism class is blowing my mind and I love it) aaaaand I can't change it - gotta do what I gotta do, gotta take the classes I gotta take! 

Anyway, I hope this was helpful for all you students/busy people out there! Come back soon for another post!