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it's more than food


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First, coffee. With a hefty side of cookbook-reading. Perfect morning? Yeah. Pretty much. 

Whole-grain toast with NuttZo crunchy peanut pro + blueberries + donut peach slices (actually a DUHHHlicious combo - highly recommend trying it!)

Mid-morning snack

CHEESECAKE my friends. Cheesecake as a mid-morning snack is most definitely a thing. Recipe here


Banza chickpea penne pasta salad with beets and a cilantro lime dressing - recipe coming soon! Also snacked on some cauliflower + tomato basil garlic spread from the local farmers market.

Oh, aaaaaand some naan bread I found in the fridge - this plus another piece. Peep the amount of nutritional yeast I dumped on the pasta? Yep. 

Mid-afternoon snack 

GoMacro Prolonged Power bar - not my favorite flavor, but still really yummy! I love these bars because they're thick and chewy, but not too sweet. 

Locally brewed kombucha - the strawberry basil flavor from Dirty Penguin - while I powered through some blog work. 

Lazy-girl sangria

Red wine with a few homegrown peaches (from the neighbors) thrown in - SO GOOD. 

one of my best friends since jr. high school and I, sorta-kinda pretending like grown-ups?Β 

one of my best friends since jr. high school and I, sorta-kinda pretending like grown-ups? 

Please don't ever pass up happy hour. Ever. 


Scrambled tofu (recipe here) + spinach + roasted zucchini and baby potatoes + avocado + hummus (and more lazy-girl sangria... duh)

That's all for today, my friends! I had an absolute blast on this typical Tuesday - from my relaxing morning with coffee and toast, to spending the day making cheesecakes and more blog recipes, and finishing it all off with some peachy-summery-wine and friendships :) 

Thanks for reading!