Hungry Haley

it's more than food


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Preface: you will not see any 4/20 (or 4-20 or 420 or whatever it is) related "material" here. 


4 bananas + 1 tbsp. chia seeds + 2 cups coffee with almond milk. 

  • I wasn't very hungry when I woke up, but I knew bananas for sure sounded good. No, I don't eat this everyday or very often for that matter, but when I crave it, I don't force my body to eat something else because that sound even sillier than four bananas do. 


baked sweet potatoes (four small ones) + tahini + cinnamon + sea salt 

  • This combo is SO GOOD I cannot get over it. I always feel so satisfied :) 

Lunch pt. 2 - mixed greens with dijon mustard + balsamic vinegar + tomatoes 

  • because I craved something fresh and crisp after those puh-taters. 

Dinner (the ugliest ever)

Trader Joe's rice medley + broccoli + mixed greens + kale + Trader Joe's eggplant hummus + nooch + dijon mustard

  • Such a weird combo, but so many flavors that all love one another so well. 
  • I don't know how much rice, but it was probably a little over 1 cup, plus 1/2 cup of lentils, and then a bunch of mixed greens and kale. Like my measurements? Good. 


2 big ol' Medjool dates + a handful of date-oat pieces + a PB cookie Larabar (my favorite flavor) 

  • I'm surprised I had room for dessert after the massive dinner I had, but I guess there's always at least a tiny bit of room, right? Man I love dates :) 

So, that's it for today! Comment below if you'd like to see more of these or more of anything in particular. Thanks for reading :)