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Welcome to another day of my eating! I'm warning you - today lacked any and all forms of creativity in photography, so these food pics are not pretty at all. But hey, that's reality, right? 


1 package Earnest Oats A.M. Trail Mix + 1 medium zucchini + banana slices + 3 small medjool dates + cinnamon 

  • I'm not usually a big fan of packaged oatmeal mix, but I have a ton of them (one of the perks of a food blog) and figured why not try one today? Naturally I just had to adjust them to fit my favorite zucchini oats - I just love zoats so much! - which wasn't hard and didn't change or take away from the flavor at all. Earnest Oats is definitely a brand I'll look for when I'm grocery shopping! 97% of the ingredients are organic and 100% are easy to recognize. Loved 'em! 


~1.5-2 cups of my latest recipe - Black Bean Pasta Salad 

  • The good thing about pasta salad? It's like soup - the longer it sits, the more flavorful it tastes! Aaaaaaand of course you gotta' love just simply scooping it out of the container in the fridge and into a smaller tupperware one to take with you. SO easy! This black bean pasta from Trader Joe's is good, but it's tougher than traditional noodles so it digests... differently, I guess. I'm not sure how to describe it. Don't get me wrong - I still love it and would definitely recommend, just don't expect typical pasta. 
  • I also ate an apple about after this, at around 1:00 PM because the juicy hydration of fresh fruit sounded really good!

Pre-workout Snack 

Graze USA "Garden of England"

  • I wasn't actually hungry, but I needed energy. After a twenty minute nap and hours of sitting staring at my computer all day, I definitely needed to stretch but didn't want to push myself too hard because I'm hoping to kick this cold in the butt ASAP. Yoga it is! 


Pt. 1 - carrots and Trader Joe's Eggplant Hummus (my FAV) 

  • Carrots, hummus, and giggling at my neighbors' strange choices of TV shows - what could be better on a Monday evening? 

Pt. 2 - lazy salad of steamed kale + mixed greens with extra spinach + tahini dressing + balsamic vinegar 

  • I've been loving salads lately - they make waiting for potatoes to cook that much less painful! I also found this last little slice of some (kinda' weird, to be honest) savory zucchini corn bread I made a week ago and figured why not finish it off, you know? 

Pt. 3 - baked sweet potato wedges with sea salt + cinnamon 


1.5 of these deeeeeeelish double dark chocolate brownies (made with hummus, ya' feel?)

2016-05-23 19.35.38.jpg
  • MMMMM I'm loving these babies so much. I popped them in the microwave for 10-12 seconds before I sucked them down way too fast. The rich, decadent chocolatiness was exactly what I needed tonight! 

So yepp, that's it for today! I'm pretty stuffed, but I'm so so so satisfied and very well fed :) any questions, comments, suggestions, stories, etc? Leave them below or send me an email - I'd love to keep in touch! 

Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope you found yourself as well-fed as I on this fine Monday.