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it's more than food


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Cinco De Mayo wooooooo! Forgive me for probably not eating any Mexican food today... maybe I'll have some avocado? 


~2 cups of seedless red grapes and some black coffee (no almond milk :( )

  • I know what you're thinking - Haley, that's not enough breakfast! Yeah BUTTTTT I had a huge (veggie) burger, a good-size handful of French fries and a fat slice of cake with a thick slab frosting on top last night, so I really wasn't super hungry when I woke up, nor did I have much of an appetite. 


Chocolate zucchini oatmeal = 3/4 cup quick oats + 1/2 cup shredded zucchini + water + 2 tbsp. carob powder + 2 tsp. coconut sugar + 4 dates + 1 banana + chia seeds & coconut. Boy, that's a mouthful...

... but it's one of the best mouthfuls E V E R 

... but it's one of the best mouthfuls E V E R 

  • I LOVE OATMEAL. Can you tell? I was finally hungry for this at around 10:30 and I polished it off in no time. Now I'm just hoping it'll keep me full until I get out of class at 3 PM... I'll check back in at that time! 

Post-workout snack 

Carrots + 1 red bell pepper + ~2 tbsp. hummus + Aloha PB chocolate chip protein bar 

  • I had a small snack because I knew I'd be eating quite a bit later at the farmers' market so I wanted to save room - duhhhh. First, this hummus = omg way too good. My Professor for my Nutrition class actually created the recipe for this one and a few others at Trader Joe's! What a beast. 
  • Aaaaaaand that protein bar, you ask? Well, holy peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cow. I received two of these bars from Sam (@thathealthynugget) and LOVE THEM - thanks Sam :) With eighteen grams of protein per bar, I thought I'd be really full but that wasn't the case, surprisingly! 

Snack #2

I made these oat bars because I was bored and tried to be ambitious and tell myself I'd try them tomorrow (today) so that I could be sure to save room for dinner at the farmers' market, especially since I just had a pretty big snack, but I couldn't resist these bars after having a little photoshoot with them, holding a warm, cinnamon-sugary slice in my hand for about ten pictures. 

  • I'll post the recipe either later today or sometime tomorrow! They're made with a pre-made cup of oatmeal, a ripe banana, almond butter, and brown rice flour. Yes, they're really healthy and yes, they taste like it. They're thick and hearty and filling made for breakfast, so I wasn't necessarily aiming to make them taste like dessert. 


Split pea soup + a thick wedge of whole grain bread + steamed veggies (with a side of yellow mustard and nooch) 

  • I've been craving a burrito lately, so my eyes darted to that on the menu, but after my big snack(s) earlier I just wasn't as hungry as I wanted to be, as hungry as a burrito of such size would require. I eventually convinced myself that soup would be a better option, though maybe not as tasty, but better in terms of my fullness. 


Again, this was a part of my day for which I did not plan, but it happened. A lavender donut with "cream cheese" frosting from Bliss Cafe. 

  • Like I said, it wasn't planned, but it was WORTH IT. I was pretty full afterwards, fuller than I wanted to be, but I figured I could use the extra energy for two hours of biking around town later on last night. 
  • While I may not have felt great physically after all the sugar and fat, and mentally after giving in to something I only ate because my friend was getting dessert also, I still enjoyed it! I'm finally in a place where I can just let go and not worry about when I'll burn off the calories or whatever. 

Wow - I ate a lot today! Sometimes I don't realize how much I actually eat in a day until I list it out for posts like this. Don't get me wrong - I'm not necessarily saying I wish I ate less or differently. I'm actually really grateful that I don't realize because that shows that food (and calories and whatnot) isn't always on my mind. 

I've moved so close to God and finally HE has taken the place of food. HE is more important, and my physical appearance matter way less because in His eyes I'm beautiful and have always been and will be. 

Food is important for nourishment and energy, but it does not deserve ALL our attention. It is not worthy of stress or self-harm - verbal and/or physical. I enjoyed every single bite I took today and I'm grateful for the abundance of food with which I can nourish my body :) 

Thanks for reading! Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them in a comment below or send them over in an email - I'd love to offer any advice/information I can.