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Hello again! Are you excited to see what I ate on this fine Monday? I'm feeling more and more comfortable with these posts - at first, I thought nobody cared what I ate on random days, but God's been reminding me that, while my ultimate passion behind this blog is glorifying Him, He's planted a seed within me that's growing and impacting others, especially through eating habits. I thought these posts would draw my readers to idolize me rather than focus on healing/maintaining/growing in their relationships with Him, but now God reminds me everyday that, yes, food is a miniscule part of life in comparison to who He is, but it still significantly affects our minds and maybe just maybe these posts can serve as reminders that food can be conquered with His help to those who struggle with eating habits. 

Anyway, here we go: 


Zoats - 2/3 cup quick oats + 1/2 cup shredded zucchini + 1 banana + 4 dates + chia seeds + cinnamon + 1 packet Athletic Greens Superfoods Cocktail + coffee with almond milk 

yes I eat my oatmeal from in between my legs - I wonder what my teacher thinks as he sees me spooning bites into my mouth... LOLZ.Β 

yes I eat my oatmeal from in between my legs - I wonder what my teacher thinks as he sees me spooning bites into my mouth... LOLZ. 

  • I had a big dinner last night so I wasn't as hungry as usual when I woke up, buuuuuut I have an absurd number of zucchinis (or zucchini? who knows) in my fridge and I need to use them up, so zoats it is! 
  • Once I got to class, I ate them right away because I actually felt hungry quicker than I'd expected, and I sucked them down quicker than I expected, too (hehehe). 

Lunch (forgive me here) 

I forgot to take a picture of my salad, but it was just spinach + mixed greens + grape tomatoes + avocado + dressing made with tahini + mustard + balsamic vinegar 

Also had some sweet potatoes with cinnamon + Mediterranean sea salt 

  • I ate all of this in about ten minutes, which is was faster than usual for me. I don't like speed-eating because a) I like to enjoy my food more slowly, and b) I like sipping water between bites to help with digestion. Luckily, I didn't feel too weird after eating this fast, so it's all good. It kept me full through two hours of Chem homework, so that's what's most important!


Pre-pizza salad - mixed greens + spinach + Annie's dressing + avocado + tomato + chickpeas + soynuts 

2016-05-09 19.02.24.jpg
  • A friend who came over to make pizzas with my roommate and me brought this salad and it was delicious! She made it sound so simple, yet it is definitely a more complex salad than what I make, so I really enjoyed it. I normally wouldn't dress it with a store-bought dressing, but hey, politely accept the food and treat yourself, right? 

PIZZAAAA - Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough + Trader Joe's tomato basil hummus + vegan cheese + steamed kale & zucchini + grape tomatoes 

  • This. Was. Amazing. I loved every bite - thick, carb-y crust, garlicky hummus but sweet with tomatoes, and the vega cheese... oh Lord. Few foods satisfy me like a good thick-crust pizza :) 


Chocolate chip cookie Larabar 

  • I actually wasn't hungry for this, but I was with my friends as they all munched on donuts so my sweet tooth was definitely being teased. Luckily, I had one of these in my purse just in case. It was the perfect end to a pizza night :) 

After a lot of treats this weekend and last week, I wanted to kind of "reset" my diet and get back on track with more whole foods, but my roommate and I had been planning on this pizza night and I really honestly did crave it! I made mine healthy, too, so it was nothing to stress about. I listened to my cravings - pizza and something healthy - and I made the best of it. 

That's it for today, so I hope you enjoyed and got something out of it! Leave any comments or questions below, or send them to me in an email. I'd love to offer any additional advice or just get to know you :) Thanks for reading!