Hungry Haley

it's more than food


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I waved my teenage years goodbye with pllllllllenty of yummy eats :) 


Blueberry banana pancakes - 1 ripe banana + blueberries + oat flour + oats + protein powder + Crazy Richard's Almond Butter (recipe to come later today) with about 1 cup of Juice From the Raw Cashew Milk in coffee

  • Pancakes are surprisingly more satisfying as a birthday breakfast. Maybe that's why they're called panCAKES? Get it? You eat cake on your birthday, so why not start your day with some... makes sense to me. 
  • I almost always add protein powder to my pancakes because I'm just that hungry and traditional pancakes don't fill me up much. 

Pre-workout Snack 

Date pieces rolled in oat flour (from Sprout's or Whole Foods) 

  • I snacked on these around 12:30 PM because I was still deciding on what exactly I wanted to do for a workout and needed a little somethin' somethin' to pick me up. Seriously - these things are like crack! I find them more substantial than just plain dates because the oat flour provides some umph' in the form of protein and fiber. 

Post-workout lunch

Quick smoothie - ~1 frozen banana + LiveNomva carrot pack + fresh kale + Nuzest Smooth Vanilla protein powder 

  • I forgot to snap a picture with my phone before I sucked this down so here's one from my fancy camera. 
  • This smoothie could not have been more perfect - I wasn't too hungry after my workout (the date pieces held me over) but needed to refuel somehow. I also didn't want to eat a ton because I was going to dinner with my friend, so a light, rehydrating smoothie like this just enough!


Vegan chocolate cake from Whole Foods 

  • Do I even need to explain? Okay maybe I should explain why this came before dinner... only because we were hungry and waiting for our pizza to be ready. Plus, it's my birthday and I can have dessert and cake and chocolate whenever I want, right? 
  • I'd be lying if I said that I ate only half of this, as was planned and agreed upon between my friend and I. She fills up much faster than I do and probably has a less powerful sweet tooth. I made her close the container and force me to save the rest of it for her, otherwise I would've plowed right through it. 
  • Our efforts failed, however, because I ended up finishing what was left in the car on the way home. Hahahahaha just laugh at it. Don't worry about the calories. Calories are silly. 


Half-and-half pizza from Whole Foods - half vegan (for me) and half cheese and pepperoni (for her)

  • The picture doesn't do justice to the size of each slice, which was easily bigger than my abnormally large head. Each of our halves split into four pieces and I ate three of the four. 
  • Any regrets? Not a single one. This pizza was SO yummy and definitely hit the spot. It wasn't too oily, but I would've preferred a thicker crust. Now that I think about it, though, a thicker crust probably would've prevented me from eating as many slices as I did... 
  • Verdict - Whole Foods makes goooooooooood pizza! They should, however, be a little more careful about their cheese sprinkling on half-vegan pizzas. Two of my slices had some cheese on them. Oh well - I just ate around those bites. 

Yay for birthdays and birthday food and friends and beaches and ginormous (somewhat healthy) pizzas! Sometimes I really do surprise myself with the amount of food I can put down. I keep my own life exciting in that way ;) 

Thank you, everyone, for the sweet birthday wishes!