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This post has been on my To-Do list for a few days, if you couldn't already guess that by looking at the date. So, let me cross it off my intimidatingly long list for good! 

If you've been here a few times before, you probably know how busy Thursday's are for me - I spend all morning studying, then three hours in class, and then six hours working at the Downtown SLO Farmers' Market. My time to prepare food is minimal, but I've learned how to make it work. Here's what I did today: 


Strawberry smoothie: ~2 frozen bananas + ~1 cup frozen strawberries + 1 scoop Nuzest Smooth Vanilla protein powder + water, to blend 

  • Around 7:30 AM, I wanted something light and hydrating that would sustain me until a little before my class at noon. I'm also trying to clean out my plethora of frozen bananas and berries in my freezer before I leave in less than a week (it's like tetris in there, but I'm determined), so a smoothie it is! 
  • I'll definitely be making these more often. Even though I couldn't really pack it with me to go, like I can with oatmeal, I just sipped on it as I got dressed and ready to leave for the day. My sweet tooth was happy, my tummy was happy, and my freezer is getting happier and happier with each smoothie :) 

Lunch (pt. 1) 

Apple + almonds + Nature's Path Organic Corn Puffs 

  • Where did corn puffs come from? I don't know, they were in the cereal aisle and I was hungry and, well, yeah... but they're so tasty with almonds! Actually, this entire snack was just the perfect trio. Seriously, try it. 

Lunch (pt. 2)

BrewLA Bars cherry + pomegranate popsicle 

  • Like I said, the freezer needs to be emptied somehow... 

2 tbsp. Trader Joe's eggplant hummus + ~1 cup baby carrots 

1 baby sourdough roll (warmed up... ugh, I'm drooling) 

  • Lunch pt. 2 is eaten in a rush while I scramble around the kitchen to throw something together for dinner, change my clothes, and literally run out the door. Carrots, hummus, and a nice little piece of hearty bread like this is my favorite combo because I can take a bite, then pack, then take a bite, then pack, etc. 


Salad - mixed greens + lettuce + 1/2 cup black beans + steamed cauliflower + + shredded carrots + grape tomatoes + Trader Joe's Green Tahini Sauce (mixed with lemon and balsamic vinegar)

Avo Sando (?) - 2 slices Ezekiel Bread + 1/2 avocado + 1 tbsp. Follow Your Heart vegan parmesan cheese + yellow mustard + nutritional yeast 

  • If this looks weird to you, I'll agree - I thought it all sounded a little strange while I was putting it together and was nervous about how it'd taste/satisfy my bottomless appetite, which makes its special weekly appearance at the Farmers' Market when it gets a whiff of all the deliciousness everyone is cooking up. 
  • Well, this dinner did NOT disappoint - so much flavor packed into these two parts and I can't wait to make it again! 


1 vegan banana brownie from a local coffee shop

  • Don't ask questions. You know me. This needed to happen. Look, there's even frosting! 

Once again, thanks for reading and expressing at least a teeny bit of interest in what I eat - I hope you enjoyed!