Hungry Haley

it's more than food


Haley HansenComment


AB & B sandwich - 2 slices Ezekiel bread + almond butter from California's Organic Harvest + blackberries 

  • My shift began at 6 AM, but I didn't eat this until around 8 or 9 (because who the heck is hungry before the sun even comes up...)


Cantaloupe - ~1.5 cups (?) 

  • I prepped this and the sandwich before bed the previous night.


Chocolate coconut protein shake - 1/2 cup coconut yogurt (I used the SoDelicious brand) + 1 frozen banana + 1 scoop Ka'Chava Tribe Chocolate Protein Powder + a touch of water to blend 

Snack #2 (a.k.a. BEST MUFFIN EVER)

Pre-dinner (to avoid the expensive food at the fair)

  • This tahini stuff from Trader Joe's - OMG SO GOOD - + carrots + steamed broccoli 


  • The biggest baked potato EVER 
  • PS notice I my plan to avoid the high-priced food didn't work. Potatoes are just too good! I added BBQ sauce and mustard to this one. 
  • ALSO notice that I'm vegan and I did easily find food at a venue packed with BBQ stations and burgers and hot dogs and nachos and other things I can say not-so-nice words about. 

That's it for today! I don't usually eat like this - a big muffin, a "pre-dinner snack", etc. - but sometimes I just let go of my habits and take whatever ends up on my plate because whatever it is isn't the biggest part of my life. Friends and family and God and fun are :) If you have any questions, leave them below or send me an email. Thanks for reading!