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Breakfast (forgot to snap a picture on my phone, so here's the fancy-camera one lol)

Daily Harvest smoothie - pre-made smoothie cup with pineapple + kale + coconut oil + lime juice + banana + Ka'Chava Tribe protein powder (use code hungryyhaley10 for $10 off your first order!) + chia seeds 


  • this cup was pretty good! I added the banana and protein powder to it because, after a short-but-tough workout in the pool, I figured it needed a little something more aaaaaand my bananas were ripening more quickly than I could keep up with. 
  • I still prefer to make my own smoothies, but these are definitely a tasty treat! 


Vegan mocha - 2 tbsp. mocha powder (see description below) + 1 cup soy milk (or other non-dairy milk) + espresso 

so ugly, but so yummy 

so ugly, but so yummy 

DONUT (duh)

Vegan vanilla cake donut with chocolate drizzle + powdered shuggaaaa

  • The mocha powder I used here is what we use to make drinks at work and it's free for me! Yes, it is highly processed with sugar, BUT it's a treat. It's not terrible for me and I'm not drinking more than two cups (even that is a stretch - I usually just have one) when I work. 
  • When I make homemade mochas, I always just use cacao powder + a touch of maple syrup or coconut sugar to sweeten and it tastes perrrrrfect! 
  • Do I have a donut every time I work? Probably. SLO Do Co. only makes vegan donuts on Tuesday and Thursday - Saturday, so I don't have one every single day (also because I don't work every single day), but I don't have a problem treating myself when vegan donuts are warm and fresh and beautiful as these ones! 

Lunch (extreme hunger + short lunch-break = blurry pic) 

Leftover soup & rice - 1/2 can of Amy's Kitchen Split Pea Soup + about 3/4 cup brown rice + steamed broccoli + avo + spinach + nutritional yeast (adds flavor and protein) 

  • Prepping this lunch took me about 10 minutes, at most. I cooked the brown rice a few days before in a big batch so that I'd have it ready for when it need quickly on days like today. Scoop about one cup of it into a glass tupperware container, pour half a can of soup on top, add in broccoli, avo, and spinach, top with nutritional yeast and BAM! 
  • Then I pop it in the microwave for one minute or so and it's ready to be devoured :) 

Snack #2

Fruit snacks - the way they should be!

2 figs + 1 peach. That's it!

  • My light, savory lunch left me craving something juicy and sweet, so I pulled out some ripe figs and a peach I brought from home to hold me over until my shift ended. 

Pre-dinner Appetizer 

1/2 cucumber + 2 tbsp. Trader Joe's Eggplant Hummus 

  • I had this at around 5:30 PM, while my roommates and I tried to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner. Cucumber and hummus is one of my favorite light snacks! 


Thai salad - shaved papaya + cucumber + lettuce + carrots + tomatoes + grilled tofu + crushed peanuts + Sriracha 

  • It looks big, and you may be wondering how in the world I could finish this after all I've eaten today, but it was actually a very light (and irresistible) salad, so finishing it wasn't a challenge :) 

And that's it for today! I snacked and ate more today than I usually do, but that's mostly because I worked out hard this morning, spent eight hours on my feet, and couldn't resist the tempting vegan donuts + deeeeelicious mocha (both for free - bonus!) from work. Bottom line? You're not perfect. Sorry. Neither am I. I eat fried donuts and I drink sugary mochas, but not everyday. I enjoy them, but I don't force myself to eat them, nor do I restrict myself from eating them. 

Be kind to yourself. Feed yourself. Treat yourself. Nourish yourself. Love yourself :)