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Hello there! Here's some background on today - I worked from around 7 AM - 3 PM (I think), then came home to relax for a few hours, and finished my night off with a movie + friends + ice cream :)


Berry smoothie - 1-2 frozen bananas + a handful of frozen berries + 1 scoop Ka'Chava Tribe vanilla protein powder + water to blend, topped with chia seeds 

  • Pretty much slurped this down as quick as possible before work - that's the benefit of smoothies!


To-go salad & Baked Garlic Potato Wedges (recipe here)

For the salad - 1 handful of mixed greens + 1/2 cucumber, chopped + 4-5 cherry tomatoes + 1 small avocado (mine was tiny so I used it all) + 1 serving scrambled tofu (recipe here)

For the dressing - 1 tbsp. Trader Joe's Tahini Sauce + balsamic vinegar + spicy mustard + lemon juice + water (mix until desired thinness reached) 

  • I was recipe-testing these potato wedges early in the morning the day before, so I just packed them up for work - it saved me a ton of time in the morning and all I had to do was heat them up in the microwave at work!


Scone and fruit - peach-pistachio scone made with Wholesome Chow Scone Mix (look for it at TJ Maxx!), a recipe I'll post soon + a handful of grapes + a crumbled up PB cookie made with Wild Friends Choc Coconut PB (recipe here, but I didn't use any sugar this time)

  • I'm almost always starving when I come home from work, so having scones and/or similar healthy ready-to-eat snacks is definitely a must, otherwise I'll just go crazy eating a bunch of fruit and veggies and then ruin my appetite for dinner (nobody wants to be bloated before pint night, ya' feel?) 

Pre-dinner appetizer 

Fancy cheese appetizer, I guess? - a little block of Daiya Jalapeno Havarti Style Block 

  • Of the few vegan products I "splurge" on (you'll see another one below), this one almost always ends up in my cart when I spot it at a grocery store. Since going vegan, I've forgotten how much I used to love fancy cheese - thank goodness for products like this!


Salad & homemade banana-zucchini bread 

For the salad - a handful of mixed greens with extra spinach + boiled corn off the cob + fresh chopped carrots + chopped green onion (I can't remember the dressing, but it was either maple syrup + mustard + balsamic vinegar or Miso Ginger from Follow Your Heart)

Dessert (where the party's at)

Pint Night with friends - about 1 serving of this Mint Chip flavor from SoDelicious

  • Here's another of those splurge-worthy products :) 
  • I'm usually more of a chocolatey and/or peanut-buttery person when it comes to, well, anything, but this was all the store had aaaaaand I wasn't really feeling in the mood for something higher in fat. My dinner filled me up more than I expected, but I still wanted to participate in "pint night" with my friends. Honestly, I prayed in the car for the strength to eat only as much as I wanted, while still not allow doing so or not doing so to make or break my night. The Holy Spirit DOES desire that kind of relationship with each of us - to support and strengthen us whenever and wherever we need it :) 

And that's a wrap for today! I hope you've found this post helpful - pease don't hesitate to leave questions, comments, etc. below or in an email. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading :)