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January 26 - LONDON EATS! (and dranks)

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L O N D O N - oh yeah, I went there! I'm just going to skip the small talk and get right to it with the food, whaddya say? :) 

Let me be honest - the food you'll see here is not glamorous, nor does it reflect my usual way of eating. I'm posting it, though, because I want to emphasize two points: 

  1. traveling and eating plant-based CAN easily intertwine. 
  2. it's not always about the food. dietary (and mental, might I add) flexibility is crucial to living stress-free in terms of food, fitness, etc. while traveling. 


2 brown rice cakes topped with crunchy peanut butter + sliced banana

This was a light post-workout (I can't remember which one, but probably my favorite HIIT workout) breakfast. It wasn't quite enough to fill me up for more than a few hours, so keep scrolling :) 


Hummus + chopped organic carrots

Protein mocha - 1 scoop Ka'Chava Tribe chocolate protein powder + brewed hot coffee + a splash of almond milk 

I lovvvvvve mixing protein powder into my hot coffee for a filling, mid-morning pick-me-up. Like, is there anything caffeine and protein can't do?

Snack (2 hours later)

Chocolate covered PB Square Organics bar - my favorite flavor!

We took longer to leave the house than expected, and traffic in London is absolutely insane, so we didn't make it to our lunch spot until around 2:30. To hold me over, Square Organics came to the rescue :) 

Lunch (finally)

2 slices whole grain bread 

Sauteed spinach + roasted new potatoes 

As I said before this does not reflect my normal eating style, but the restaurant accommodated my vegan diet as best they could! And these potatoes were oh-so-drool-worthy. 

Drank (yes, drank)

OK, so I know I'm technically not legal to drink in the US, but I wasn't in the US, soooooo... And from a nutrition standpoint, alcohol is rarely a healthy choice (except for maybe a glass of red wine), but as with anything - a little bit here and there can't hurt. 5 Square Organics bars, or 10 spoonfuls of peanut butter, for example, are loaded with sugar and fat (respectively), but on their own in moderate amounts, each provides numerous health benefits, not to mention pure joy because who in the world would turn away a bit of dark chocolate and/or peanut butter?! 

Anyway, yeah - I had a sugary alcoholic drink at 3 PM. And I enjoyed it. Oops :) 


Of course, I made it all the way to the end of the day without forgetting to take any pictures, and then a late dinner rolls around, I stuff my face with it, and forget to take a picture *eye roll*. 

Here's a rough breakdown of what it was: 

Sauteed green beans + grilled zucchini, peppers, onion + tabbouleh + chickpeas (we picked up food from a Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant)

And that's all for today! 

Just to reemphasize - 

  1. you CAN travel and eat vegan (and mostly healthy). 
  2. be F L E X I B L E - let a wee bit loose, understand that workouts might not always happen, the healthiest foods might not always be available, etc. you willllllll survive. 

Thanks for reading!