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October 6 - coffee shop cookie, nachos & mojitos, & more

What I Ate TodayHaley Hansen1 Comment

I get more and more excited to share these posts the more and more I practice true intuitive eating and allow myself to enjoy the foods I crave, while still fueling my body with nutrient-dense staples. But, like, nachos. NACHOS, people. 



Coffee - you now the drill. Purity Coffee everyday! 

Yogurt on toast - Fage 2% yogurt + locally baked whole-grain bread + sliced banana + cinnamon + honey

Coffee, round 2

More coffee + Califia Farms almond milk Barista blend + Vital Proteins collagen peptides + cinnamon + honey

October 6 - coffee shop cookie, nachos & mojitos, & more


Banza rigatoni pasta + baked chicken thighs + steamed kale + Trader Joe's tahini sauce 

October 6 - coffee shop cookie, nachos & mojitos, & more

Study snacks!

Bubbly water (just discovered this - I like it!) + PB swirl banana bread (made with Square Organics chunks this - that was a game-changer) + carrots + locally baked cookie from The Steaming Bean (for all you SLO residents)


NACHOS, people. Nachos. And a margarita. Both from Creeky Tiki in Downtown SLO. 

Ahhhhhh. Today was beautifully happy and relaxing and very much an intuitive day of eating. I loved every last crumb of that cookie. I cherished that mojito. And boy, did Grace and I enjoy those nachos. I think I might still be drooling just thinking about them. 

I'll be writing more about how I came to Intuitive Eating in Friday's post, so in the meantime, here's more on accepting and embracing body changes, food and social situations, and listening to your body, even when it's friggin' scary.