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What do I mean by "simplifying my diet"? Well, lately I've felt pretty bloated and more fatigued than usual after my meals. I've also been adding lots of toppings (i.e. avocado, hummus, tahini, nutritional yeast, etc.), which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in my case, too much of a good thing can become bad. You know? Flavor is crucial in enjoying a meal, and I love the flavor each of those toppings brings to food, but I think by adding so much of them to every meal, I've forgotten how much I truly do enjoy the simplicity of a salt-and-pepper roasted veggie. 

Similarly, I've pretty much just been consuming more than I need - snacking late at night or directly after I've just eaten, over-stuffing myself on a meal, or adding too much of this/that. Recognizing this and the consequent need to cut down was a challenge, especially considering my past with food - restriction is the last habit I want to re-adopt. I WANT to eat! I love food and I love my body, but for some reason (unidentified at the moment), I've been eating too much. I'm not concerned at all - I'm actually excited to recognize this and realign myself with a truly healthy and personalized diet that isn't too much protein or fat and isn't too little carbs. 

So, when I say I'm "simplifying my diet", I don't mean I'm cutting out fat (or anything else) or flavor - I'm just focusing on the genuine characteristic flavor of the food itself as much as possible, rather than bury it in toppings. It means I'm listening to when my body is actually hungry, rather than bored or just feels like eating. Today's (and maybe the next few - who knows!) eats will probably look a little different, but I know they'll bring me restored balance :) 


PB banana sandwich - 1 whole banana (sliced) + 2 slices Silver Hills Bakery Little Big Bread + crunchy peanut butter + cinnamon 

And, of course, coffee was included between breakfast and lunch - cold brew with a splash of almond milk! 

Lunch + Snack 

Sauteed brussel sprouts & carrots (olive oil, turmeric, garlic, S & P) + mixed greens + scrambled tofu & kale (underneath the greens) + cherry tomatoes + 1 small avocado

2 cuties + 2 oatmeal cookies (recipe from @rachlmansfield) (ate these about 2 hours after lunch) 

Pre-workout snack 

2 dark chocolate Ghiradhelli squares + a handful of dark chocolate chunks from Whole Foods

Dinner (and the pre-dinner snack) 

Brad's Raw kale chips (probably a little more than half the bag?) 

2 small sweet potatoes & 1 zucchini (roasted in coconut oil + S & P at 425 F for about 35 mins) + black beans + Hope Foods thai coconut curry hummus 

(excuse the darkness)Β 

(excuse the darkness) 

And that was all for today! Of course, just simplifying one day's worth of meals won't do the trick, so I'll definitely continue this routine. Again, I'm not doing this to restrict - I'm doing it to feel less bloating, more energetic, and more appreciative of simple meals :) Thanks for reading! As always, leave questions and comments below or send them over in an email!