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Three months since my last What I Ate Today post... whoops! I do have a reason, though, so just give me a minute to explain. 

To keep things short, and perhaps direct you to my latest post talking about weight gain, I'll just say that I've REALLY struggled with food lately - everything from eating too much to feeling the need to eat only salad with no dressing and absolutely no dessert. For some reason, it took me what felt like forever to finally step up and works towards healing my relationship with not only food, but also my body as a whole. 

That being said, I haven't posted here because I haven't felt right showing you what I ate if it wasn't making me feel good. Thankfully, though, I'm getting back on track. This time, I've got a mental toolbox equipped with just about everything I'll need to keep my body running healthy and happy :) 


2 slices whole grain toast (from Breaking Bread SLO) + 2 tbsp. PB + a handful of fresh strawberries

Oh, and this is what a morning sans workout looks like! My body has really been craving the peace and quiet of the mornings lately, so I'm giving it that time and working out later in the day, after I get some work done and build up more energy. I'm loving this schedule!

And of course, there was coffee between this and lunch, I just allllllways forget to take a picture. 


Roasted cauliflower + pinto beans + mixed greens + pumpkin seed butter

SNACK (kind of?)

CINNAMON ROLLLLSSSSSSS - highlight of my day right here!

Fear not - there will a recipe posted soon! And heck YES you better believe these babies are fully vegan. 


Sauteed veggies (carrot, zucchini, cauliflower rice, white onion) + a black bean burger from Hummusapien + 2 small almond flour tortillas I made the other day (just almond flour + brown rice flour + flax egg + water) + a tbsp. of Miyoko's cultured vegan butter

And that's it, my friends! Expect more of these posts to come :)