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I told you I'd be getting back on track with posting semi-sorta-kinda regular What I Ate Today posts! Brownie (or should I say "donut"?) points for me for remembering, eh? 

Today is Wednesday, and Wednesday is long. Wednesday begins around the same time any other day does - about 6 ish - but between then and bedtime is filled to the brim with classes. Wednesday usually leaves little to no time for a workout, except for today - I squeezed in an itty bitty quick track workout in the afternoon! More brownie/donut points for meeeee! 


Coffee + 1-2 big ol' glasses of water

Side note - this happens after my ACV shot + probiotic. Lately, my body has been craving rest and short workouts (if any) and my mind has been craving the peace and quiet the morning brings before the day has a chance to stress me out. Ya' know? 


Love Grown Power O's + homemade nut milk + fresh strawberries (I actually ate about double the amount pictured - duh) + Nuttzo Power Fuel smooth

I saw Alexis from Hummusapien make a bowl of cereal like this the other day, and with my fresh strawberries just begging to be sliced up and eaten, how could I resist? Plus, cereal isn't usually a thing for me, so why not mix things up? 

Mid-morning pick-me-up

Homemade cold brew + homemade nut milk

If there is any rule against multiple cups of coffee before 11 AM, it doesn't apply to Wednesdays. NOPE. Drink up. 


~2 oz. soba noodles + chickpeas + steamed broccoli + avocado + fresh basil + Bragg's liquid aminos

Ever since I made those tomato basil toasts last week, I've made 100% sure to remember to utilize this fresh basil every chance I get. I must say - basil deserves the kind of love and appreciation cilantro gets! Anyone else agree? 

Post-workout snack (workout posted at the end of this page)

Organic fuji apple + GoMacro everlasting joy bar

I. Love. Bars. Not the kind that involve heavy alcohol consumption and dirty dancing. I prefer the kind that involve protein + healthy fats + carbohydrates (wow, am I a nutrition student or what?). GoMacro bars are my absolute f a v o r i t e! Have you read the story behind these bars? It just touches my heart. You should read it. Your heart will be touched, too. 


A homemade crunchy chocolate protein bar (recipe here)

Protein bar? Or fudge? Seriously, the world may never know. Well, I guess the world will actually never know because every individual in the entire world won't have the chance to try these (what a shame), but I'm really just trying to say that these protein bars taste and feel like fudge. 

Now that's what I want in a protein bar. 


An organic carrot as a snack, followed by...

Banza chickpea pasta shells + leftover roasted beets + red cabbage + leftover cashew cheeze + cherry tomatoes + more fresh basil (yup) + hot sauce + balsamic vinegar

This was the definition of a "whatever is left in the fridge" dinner, aaaaaand it worked - woooooo! More brownie/donut points? Okay, just kidding I'll stop with those. 

Dessert (aka the moment I waited for all day) 

SLO Donut Co.'s GF chocolate donut

I will forever and always hold a special place in my heart (and stomach) for this donut. For real. No sugar cleanse or diet trend or whatever could rip this donut from my hands. If you're ever in SLO, this. is. a. must. 

That's a wrap for today! Come back next week for more eats! 

Did you enjoy this post? What did you have today? Tell me more in the comments below!