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Uh oh... am I posting about sangria two times consecutively? Whateverrrrrrrrrr it's good. It's probably my favorite drank. And yes, I did just say DRANK. :) 

If you read my latest post, you have a better idea about what my summer days are looking like - relaxing, from the outside, but pretty busy and "go-go-go" if you ask me. Here's a better shot of what I'm doing and what I'm eating!


Lemon poppyseed muffins (coming to the blog soon) with Earth Balance vegan butter + banana with chia seeds 


Sliced peach from the farmers market (tasted like juicy candy) + 2 avocado toasts (one with strawberries, balsamic, and basil and another with scrambled tofu and cilantro)

Kombucha... duh. 

The Raspberry Lemon flavor from Kevita Drinks


Carrots dipped in a bit of natural crunchy peanut butter while I worked on and snacked on some raw cookie dough bites

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Sangriaaaaaaaa. Blake Shelton would probably say my lips might permanently taste like sangria. This was the Sunkissed Sangria from Yard House!


Leftover chickpea + sweet potato stir-fry (coming to the blog soon) + basil garlic spread + white bean salad sandwich all over mixed greens

Aaaaaand that's it for today, peeps! This is what my days are looking like lately - tons of time spent in the kitchen, and tons of freedom around food, for which I am unbelievably thankful. 

Come back next week for some of the recipes I previewed in this post!