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Today was a fabulous (ew did I just say that?) day of eats because it was the most intuitive I've felt around food in.... what feels like forever. 


Coffee - duh. I've been drinking Purity Coffee (more on that over here) for the past few months and lovvvvving it! Use "hungryhaley" at checkout for a discount on your purchase!

sorry for the blurrrrrr.

sorry for the blurrrrrr.

(more like a pre-workout snack than actual breakfast, I guess)

2 medjool dates stuffed w/ natural PB

2017-08-23 07.27.47.jpg

Brunch-ish (post-workout)

2 scrambled eggs + Trader Joe's Broccoli Slaw + goat cheese + Rudi's Organic Spelt English Muffin + homegrown tomatoes topped with cilantro & Melinda's hot sauce (after the pic)


Big ol' cookie from The Rye Truck (found at the Dirty Penguin)

2017-08-23 11.57.52.jpg


Siggi's plain yogurt + sliced mango + blueberry chia seed jam (recipe coming soon)

2017-08-23 14.26.38.jpg

Pre-dinner snack

Hope Foods Black Garlic hummus + carrots

2017-08-23 17.01.37.jpg


3 street tacos w/ chicken + side salad from Spencer McKenzie's in Santa Barbara 

ain't she a cutie?

ain't she a cutie?


Almond butter Perfect Bar for the remaining two hours to SLO! HOME! Oh, aaaaand my roommate and I split a cannoli from a local bakery (yet another reason to love it here) when I got home, and I polished it off way too quick + wasn't thinking about taking a pic to document it here which I think is a wonderful sign of true intuitive eating. By the way, best first cannoli EVER. 

snuck a pic while driving - don't hate me.

snuck a pic while driving - don't hate me.

And that is alllllll for today! I haven't been posting on this section of my blog much lately because the antibiotics I was taking pretty much demolished any forms of life (aka healthy gut bacteria) and left me with zero appetite. But hey, we're back and hungry as ever!