Hungry Haley

it's more than food


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Warning - this WIAT today contains non-vegan food. If you have nothing respectful to say of my decision, please say nothing at all. I'm feeling SO good eating this way, and I still do care about animals. I make the best decisions possible when purchasing products and always do my best to buy locally. 

:) now lezz get to it. 


Coffee first. Always. 

2 fried eggs (from a farm just 15 miles away) + whole-grain sourdough toast + avo + a stupid amount of Tapatio


pt. 1: GoMacro bar, eaten in the car during the inevitable LA traffic

pt. 2: mixed greens + black beans + hummus + pickles 

Post-yoga snack 

pt. 1: dried mango from Trader Joe's

pt. 2: dark chocolate PB cup made w/ Lily's Chocolate + NuttZo crunchy peanut butter


appetizer: my favorite fancy white cheddar cheese 

meal: grilled wild salmon (yes I eat the skin) + salad + brussel sprouts + zucchini + un-pictured kalamata olive bread

Ahhhhh. I feel like "me" again. I feel one huge leap closer to the girl I've always wanted to be. I feel TRUE freedom with food, which might feel and look completely different for the next person. Isn't that beautiful? We've been intricately designed in such a unique fashion by a God who loves us, despite our food choices, and forgives us, despite our sins. 

I hope you all enjoyed your day, and thank you for reading!