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Hello there! Don't get too close - I'm pretty sure I'm sick, judging from my runny/stuffy nose, sore and scratchy throat, puffy eyes, and (just discovered this one today) rumbling cough. Right smack dab in the middle of midterms, sickness's timing is just impeccable, isn't it? 

Anyway, here's what I ate today to get me through 2/3 midterms this week: 


4 extra ripe chilled bananas + 1 tbsp. chia seeds 

  • I've been eating this a lot lately because, not only do I LOVE it, I've also been buying more food than I know what to do with and therefore need to eat my bananas before they go bad (and I ran out of room in my freezer/haven't been making smoothie bowls as often). 
  • This breakfast doesn't hold me back in any way - I can prep it in less than 3-4 minutes and carry it with me to class AND it keeps me full for at least 4 hours AND it's honestly truly exactly what I crave, especially with a sore throat and less of an appetite than usual. 


3 baby yams + 2 tbsp. Trader Joe's crunchy peanut butter 

  • I ate these at room temperature without any cinnamon and they were surprisingly better than I expected! Maybe I'll skip the microwave more often. 

Big simple salad - ~2 cups mixed greens + steamed kale + grape tomatoes + steamed broccoli + chopped baby carrots + tahini balsamic dressing (tahini dressing recipe mixed with balsamic vinegar) 

2016-05-18 09.27.39.jpg
  • Don't you just feeling perfectly satisfied after a meal? I often feel too full or slightly too hungry afterwards, which gets a little annoying but I can't be perfect and I deal with it. Well, this meal was p e r f e c t. Flavor? Check. Texture? Check. Amount? Check. 
  • I packed the salad this morning before I left for class, which probably took me a total of ten minutes, and I roasted the sweet potatoes last night while I was studying (400-425F for about 45 minutes), packed them tight in a container this morning, topped them with PB and closed it up. 

Snack (pre-workout) 

Graze "garden of england" dried fruit snack pack - mini strawberries (that's a thing?) + soft apple pieces + blackcurrants 

  • I'm not a huuuuuge fan of these Graze snacks, mostly just because I usually want something simple like fresh fruit or nuts, but since I planned I working out soon, I decided something light like dried fruit would be best. These are actually really tasty and a good little sugar burst before a workout! 


I did it again - I forgot to take a picture on my phone before I ate it all... oops. Did you see on Instagram? Anyway, it was a can of Amy's Low Sodium Lentil Vegetable Soup + 4 slices of cracked wheat sourdough bread (yes I ate all four)

  • I needed something quick because a) I need to save what little brain power I do have left for studying for my midterm tomorrow and b) I just didn't feel like making a mess cooking and cleaning it all up. 
  • Pre-made packaged foods rarely make it into my grocery cart, but Amy's is just irresistible. Most of their products are vegan and all of them are made with recognizable organic ingredients at a pretty budget-friendly price. This soup was a tad bit bland so I added some turmeric powder and Tapatio, as well as some fresh spinach while heating it up. Dip some toasted bread in and MMMMMM BABY :)


4 big juicy Medjool dates 

2016-05-18 19.45.21.jpg
  • Because I needed something sweet, ya' know? 

So that's everything I ate today! I hope it provided you with some meal prep ideas, especially for those of you who, like me, pack lunch and sometimes even breakfast for long, busy days at work or school. 

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments, questions, or suggestions down below, or send me an email - I'd love love love to offer any advice and get to know you :)