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Honey Ginger Iced Chai Tea

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Today, I officially accept and embrace favoring the fall and winter seasons over the spring and summer ones. 

Honey Ginger Iced Chai Tea

Don't ask me why this is such a big deal because it's probably not, but I've just been thinking about it lately. The more time I spend in California, especially the beloved Central Coast, the more I realize all that a warm summer has to offer - surfing (though I never have), paddle-boarding (love it), beach-ing alllllll day, BBQ-ing allllll night, relaxing, biking (to and from the farmers' market is my jam), driving up the coast for more beach-ing, and even more that I probably am unaware of. I've never loved summer this much until God placed me on the Central Coast. 

Honey Ginger Iced Chai Tea

But, a bigger part of my heart belongs in Fall and Winter. Watching the leaves change color, smelling the crisp air that somehow feels fresher in the colder months, preparing for holidays and celebrating them with close friends and family, bundling up on the couch for movies (and dessert, like 98% of the time), BAKING (can you tell which activity is my favorite?), all while still being able to appreciate the breath-taking-ness of the Central Coast God so beautifully designed - is there anything better??? 

Honey Ginger Iced Chai Tea

I feel like one of the few people I know who prefers these seasons over summer. For example, I'm laying in bed right now - at 2:15 PM on a gorgeous Sunday in Idaho - blogging and breathing and relaxing while my family is out paddle-boarding on the river. Is there something wrong with me? Shouldn't I really rather be out there with them, soaking up the sun?, I quietly allow guilt to slide those thoughts into my brain. 

There isn't anything wrong with me, and I don't have to prefer one season over another just because the former is the current season and my family is enjoying it in a different way than I am in this moment. I make absolutely sure to spend as much quality time with my family (especially the extended members, whom I rarely see) as possible when the opportunity presents itself - playing board games, sitting around the table chatting, cooking and savoring homemade meals, riding bikes, etc. I make absolutely sure to be present in those moments by leaving my phone, my worries, my to-do list behind to care for them later. And that's okay! 

Honey Ginger Iced Chai Tea

Maybe I find such comfort and joy in the fall and winter months because my introverted self lovvvvvves the idea of a peaceful morning spent baking, or a creative coffee-filled afternoon dedicated to reading and writing, or a cozy night indoors watching movies with close friends. I love that. Though in the past year God has really opened my eyes to an extroverted fraction of my personality I didn't know existed, my larger introverted fraction usually takes the cake. 

Here's to all the introverts! And the extroverts! Whichever you are, accept it. Embrace it. Love any/all seasons. You pick. 

chai iced tea cup.jpg

This iced chai tea is a combination of drinks desired in the hot months and drinks desired in the cold ones. Cheers! 

Makes 4-5 servings

2 tbsp. grated fresh ginger
2-3 tbsp. honey
4 cups filtered water
4 chai tea bags

  1. In a large pitcher (here's the one I used), stir the honey and filtered water until the honey dissolves. 
  2. Using the Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, insert the grated ginger and the tea bags into the tea infuser and screw into the lid. 
  3. Refrigerate overnight, or at least 6-8 hours before serving. 
  4. Enjoy! 

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Honey Ginger Iced Chai Tea