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Cacao Coconut Collagen Smoothie (Paleo, GF)

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Never have I ever wanted a day to just be over. O V E R. 

Cacao Coconut Collagen Smoothie (Paleo, GF)

A highly anticipated bomb-azz night of rest was rudely interrupted by sweltering heat and welcomed to stay by a lack of air conditioning in my apartment. The twisty fan (as I like to call it) did next to nothing to cool me and my roommate off - who joined me in my bed with hopes of a cooler temperature. Three o'clock in the morning is TOO early to wake up, and I'm a morning person. I am not a three-o'clock-in-the-morning person (is anyone?). 

All efforts to go back to sleep between 3:00-3:45 AM were fruitless. 

I needed sleep. Desperately. Two nights before, I woke up three times - 1) to pee, 2) just because, and 3) probably just because, again. The following night (the night before last), I crawled into bed at 1:30 AM, spent a now-regretted 30 minutes on my phone, and finally fell asleep 2 AM (still feeling like I could sing and dance to the songs at the line-dancing joint from which my friend and I had just gotten home. My body did it's natural thing and woke me up at 7:30 AM. Do the math. 

Neither day included a nap, but both included extra coffee. 

Last night, after strolling a lively farmers market with a friend, I was curled up in bed by 10 PM and asleep only minutes later. And seemingly awake again only hours after that. Is it needless to say that I was less than satisfied with last night's five hours of sleep? Probably. I'll still say it though. 

Thankfully, I wasn't left to ponder in the unexplored (until now) wee hours of the morning alone. My roommate couldn't sleep either, so downstairs we went and found what felt like a 10-degree-drop in the temperature. We chatted, (delusionally) laughed, and eventually made the one of the most random, spontaneous, weird, but also BEST decisions to date - "wanna' go the beach?"

Cacao Coconut Collagen Smoothie (Paleo, GF)

5:30 AM - dark, but not cold. Quiet, but not without sounds of cars racing by (who is awake on a Saturday at this hour?!). Creepy-ish, but not enough to make us want to leave. Perched on the beach. Smiling. Sipping coffee. More okay with the current sleepless situation than I'd ever expect myself to be. More chatting, this time about Jesus, family, and actual serious life matters. The hour until sunset felt like three (like the three hours of sleep I should've gotten). 

And finally, almost as if ushered in by the worship music that filled our ears, the sun rose more beautiful than ever. Clouds dotted the sky, illuminated by first a calming purple, then whimsical pink, and lastly a characteristic good-morning-shade of yellow. This painting made us thankful to be awake and witnesses to God's artwork. 

Eight hours later, that's worn off. I've been sitting on the couch for the past four hours. I refuse to go outside because my iPhone thermometer readers 108F. 108F. 108F. Oh, but I did take a nap, so that's fantastic! I can now add one hour's worth tally to last night's sleep record. My plans include a workout at some point, more blogging, reruns of The Great British Baking Show, dinner, and BED (with tons of prayers for a night's rest as reassuring as this morning's sunrise). 

Cacao Coconut Collagen Smoothie (Paleo, GF)

But, yeah, back to my original statement. I know that no day is without purpose. Today probably had a lot of purpose intended for it, but the heat last night and right now has... well... melted that. I would like to fast-forward from now until 9 PM, a.k.a bedtime. I would LOVE that. 

Come to think of it, I actually have leftovers of this rich, chocolatey smoothie in my freezer (meaning it's frozen!!!!!). Snack time? Yes. Chocolate time? Always. Collagen time? It's becoming a thing. 

Cacao Coconut Collagen Smoothie (Paleo, GF)

Makes 2 smoothies

2 frozen bananas
2 tbsp. Nuttzo Chocolate Power Fuel
1 scoop Vital Proteins Vanilla & Coconut Water collagen peptides
2 tbsp. cacao powder
1/2 cup water or coconut milk
2 tbsp. shredded coconut, for topping

  1. Blend the bananas, nut butter, collagen peptides, cacao powder, and liquid until smooth. 
  2. Top with shredded coconut and serve immediately. 
  3. Enjoy! 
Cacao Coconut Collagen Smoothie (Paleo, GF)