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Want to work together? Awesome! Here is a layout of the services I provide, along with pricing for each service. I'm proud to say that I only work with companies whose food and health values align with my own. Send me an email and I would love to chat more about collaboration in any of these areas. Scroll down to the bottom to fill out a form for inquiry. 


Recipe Design

This is a food blog, after all, right? I would love to feature your product in an original recipe! These recipe posts consist of pictures throughout the entire creation and cooking process, and of course, the delicious finished product. In addition to the recipe and pictures, I always include at least a short blurb and description of the featured product, as well as a link to your website for readers to quickly find access to the product. 

Click here to see my favorites! 

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Product Review

Think I might like your product? Well, I'm always excited to try new plant-based goods, so if our values align, I would love to give your product a taste and review it here. I'll include notes on qualities like taste, texture, effectiveness of proposed benefits, etc., as well as a link to your company's website and where my readers can get their hands on the product. 

Click here to see an example. 

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Workout Design 

Workouts are part of my everyday routine, and I love sharing my favorites, including HIIT, barre, strength-training, and spinning, among others. I design the ones you'll find here, keeping in mind 1) busy lifestyles, 2) gym accessibility, and 3) enjoyment! If you'd like to collaborate on a sweat-session, or see me using/wearing your fitness-oriented products, I'm game! 

Click here for a list of my go-to workouts. 

My media kit is available upon request.

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