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Central Coast Meats

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I first connected with Central Coast Meats over Instagram when they filmed a behind-the-scenes cooking demo of one of the best looking burgers I've ever laid my hungry eyes on at one of the best local cafes here in SLO. Naturally, I just had to check their page out, but I didn't find what I expected to find. Rather than a handful of other juicy burgers, I saw people I just knew I could trust. People I wanted to barbecue with and hang out with and get to know because the transparency allowed me that opportunity. 

When I sat down to talk with Kyle, one of the company's founders, he emphasized that transparency is one of the key areas where Central Coast Meats saw a potential for improvement within the industry and is now utilizing that necessity to set an example for other farms. All the middle-men between the farmer/producer and you and me, the consumers, make transparency a little difficult these days. Central Coast Meats values transparency in every step of the process - from their pasture to your porch. 

Central Coast Meats

What is it?

Central Coast Meats is a team of young farmers who have spent their lives in and around the agricultural industry, watching farmers in the area, learning how to do it themselves, and now running their own business here, as the name says, on the Central Coast. On a 6,000 acre ranch, known as Avenales Ranch east of Santa Margarita, they are working to transparently define "local", "grass-fed", "organic", "free range", "pasture raised", and "sustainably raised". And they're doing a dang good job at it by offering:

  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef
  • pasture-raised pork
  • pasture-raised chicken
  • all of which are born and raised on the Central Coast of California
Central Coast Meats

Why Central Coast Meats?

These guys care about every step of the process and, most of all, us as consumers. After years of watching the farming methods of generations before them, they courageously and confidently stepped aside to pave their own path, one that cares for the animal from start to finish + prioritizes the consumers' health + supports both the local and large-scale environments. 

  • Because, like almost any other locally grown food, locally grown meat travels fewer miles to get to your doorstep (literally - CCM delivers!), thus eliminating the need for further preservation methods and guaranteeing a higher quality, fresher product. 
  • Because they clearly define what grass-fed means - their animals have more acres on which to roam and feed than my eyes can see in distance. And none of that food is processed with hormones, antibiotics, corn, GMO- or soy-containing feeds. 
Central Coast Meats

Where to buy?

This is a subscription-based monthly delivery sent directly to your doorstep, so head over to their website to give it a try and then subscribe if you like what you taste. 

I value local companies and feel so blessed to be surrounded by a community of farmers who all value nutrition and real food, and transparency and customer satisfaction. Central Coast Meats absolutely stands out not only here in San Luis Obispo, but throughout the country and I cannot - repeat: cannot - wait to keep showing them off to you guys because what they've got going here is exactly what the industry needs. 

Stay tuned for recipes to come!