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Cashew Cheeze Sauce (Vegan, GF, Paleo)

Paleo, Vegan, Sauce, GFHaley HansenComment

Still whippin' up vegan cheese even though I'm not vegan anymore. 

Also whippin' up vegan scones (coming soon), vegan cinnamon rolls, vegan burgers, and more. While I am definitely adventuring into the world of (sustainably farmed) animal products, I'm still having tons of fun exploring vegan baking and cooking. The ingredients are just so unique and the process is still fun! 

I wondered if I wanted to make this sauce with real cheese or come up with a vegan version, and the vegan version won me over in the end because it's so simple, lasts a while, aaaand doesn't contain the sometimes tummy-ache-inducing lactose we all know and (don't really) love. 

Give it a try! 

Makes ~1.5 cups

Cashew Cheeze Spread (double each spice)
6 tbsp. non-dairy milk

  1. Prepare the cheeze spread as directed, doubling each spice. Slowly pour in 6 tbsp. non-dairy milk until smooth, adding more if needed. 
  2. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 
  3. Enjoy!
Cashew Cheeze Sauce (Vegan, GF, Paleo)