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Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

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A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, all sorts of delicious. This Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash comes together in under 40 minutes - satisfying, simple, and seriously tasty!

The more time I spend in the salty, savory side of the kitchen, the more comfortable I feel and the more I understand what types of cooking I gravitate towards. For so long, I’ve been flipping through my favorite Bon Appetit magazines (literally every single one I can find) and finding myself staring in awe at the creativity behind these recipes, the boldness of flavors and combinations. But I didn’t think I had that talent - whatever it was - to conjure up something to eye-catching and mouth-watering.

Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

I’ve got no professional training anywhere in the kitchen, and yet I feel as comfortable baking as my dog does laying on the couch. Hmmm. My kitchen isn’t the place for the classic sweet, doughy cinnamon rolls or the huge buttery chocolate chip cookies. Mine is the kitchen that stores gluten-free whole-grain flours, coconut sugar and maple syrup, flaxseeds, dark chocolate chips and various nuts and seeds, full-fat yogurt and kefir, and the list of modern-day, healthier alternatives for baking goes on.

Self-taught. That’s the word I’m looking for. Books upon books upon books. Blogs, newspapers, magazines, websites, work experience, personal experience - they’ve all contributed to my knowledge and creativity when I tie up my apron. And there’s passion, too, of course. Lots of it. Confidence in my abilities and my creations is the sum of all that experience, knowledge, and passion.

Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

Whether you’re a food-blogger, too, or just a reader, a restaurant chef or a home-cook, you’ve surely cooked at least one meal in your life and you know the questions that come up just before you sit down to share that with others or just yourself: “Is this even good? Did I cook it all the way? Will everyone else like it? Will they still like me even if this is horrible?” I’m all too familiar with those questions, but I want to conquer my insecurities about cooking. I want to feel comfortable sautéing, grilling, pan-frying, roasting, and presenting a dish. I want to know flavors and vegetables and meats and grains so well that I can just imagine the tasteful combinations in my head, eager to test them out in the kitchen for dinner that night. I also would like to break out of my 75%-of-the-time-rut of roasted sweet potatoes, fried eggs, and avocado for dinner. My excuses are always 1) college (budgeting, limited kitchen space and appliances, etc.) and 2) a busy schedule.

Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

I’ve applied to cooking what I have to baking - I’m not professionally trained in either, but I have a deep passion for both. I don’t bake in any traditional way and my recipes are unique. So, why do I hesitate to confidently say the same about my cooking? Just like my muffins and cookies are my own and not Bon Appetit’s, not Pinterest’s most popular, not paleo, not vegan (not always), not sugar-loaded, or whatever, so my sandwiches and hashes are also my own and not any of those things either. But I still love them. I’m still passionate about them. They’re tried and true and simple, delicious, nourishing, and satisfying.

Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

Makes 2-3 servings

1 large sweet potato, washed, scrubbed, and patted dry
1 medium white onion, peeled
2 cups roughly chopped kale, stems removed
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 pasture-raised chicken sausage links*
3 tbsp. avocado oil (grapeseed oil also works), divided
2-3 pasture-raised eggs
1 avocado
Fresh chopped cilantro, for garnish
Salt and pepper, to taste

  1. Heat a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet or frying pan over medium and cook the sausage until browned, with a few crispy bits. Use a slotted spoon or spatula to transfer the cooked sausage to a plate with a paper towel underneath to absorb some of the grease. Remove most of the grease in the skillet by pouring it into a recyclable can - be sure to leave about 1-2 tablespoons worth in the skillet to cook the sweet potatoes.

  2. Leave the skillet on the stovetop, but reduce the heat to medium-low. Chop the sweet potatoes into 1/2” cubes and place them in the skillet to cook for about 20-25 minutes, or until tender when pierced with a fork and crisp around the edges. Season with salt and pepper, transfer these to a bowl, and cover with another plate or lid.

  3. Keep the skillet heated to cook the onion, and add 2 tbsp. oil. Chop the onion into 1/2” cubes and cook until translucent and lightly charred, about 7-8 minutes. Add the kale at the last minute, cover the skillet, and reduce the heat to low. When the kale is a vibrant green and wilted, add the sweet potato and sausage and cover for 5-6 minutes, or until everything is warmed again.

  4. In another skillet or frying pan, heat over medium 1 tbsp. oil and cook the eggs to your liking (i.e. scrambled, fried, sunny-side-up, etc.).

  5. Serve the hash on as many plates as needed, topped with eggs, avocado, fresh chopped cilantro, and salt and pepper, to taste. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

  6. Enjoy!

*If you can’t find chicken sausage, pork will work instead.

Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Hash (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)