Hungry Haley

it's more than food

Hi there! I'm Haley: 21-year-old Cal Poly SLO Mustang + happy & healthy & hungry girl living a lovely life and loving all things food, fitness, and faith. These recipes are budget-friendly, mostly gluten-free, and plant-based. My life is a bundle of adventures tasting recipes from my own kitchen and exploring the unique flavors of others while I learn to love myself more and more each day. Sounds like fun, huh? Yeah, it's pretty cool. If you want to read about my journey with food, click here.

Ten {Completely Random} Facts About Me

1. Dream job? Full-time blogger. If you'd have asked me six years ago? Wedding-dress-expert at Kleinfeld in NYC. Ten years ago? The next Hannah Montana. 

2. What you wouldn't know right away? When I was a kid, my favorite foods were beef sticks, Wisconsin cheese, and Dairy Queen.

3. If I were an ice cream flavor? Well, Ben & Jerry's PB & Cookies is the goal, but realistically, I'm probably something along the lines of a smooth vanilla with swirls of sweet, salty peanut butter and caramel, precisely. 

4. Blind or deaf? Deaf. I know American Sign Language, and God's creation is just too good.

5. If I could be an animal? Some sort of hybrid - dolphin (for swimming/cuteness purposes) + lion (for majestic purposes - Aslan, anyone?) + dog (to be someone's best friend, duh). 

6. Favorites? Season: Fall, movie: The Princess Diaries, actor: Zac Efron, food: scones, and color: light blue.

7. If I weren't blogging? Hard to imagine, but I'd probably be reading twice as many books and only talking about food even more than I do now.

8. If I could be a Disney Princess? Belle. End of story. 

9. Nicknames? "hungryhaley" is most common nowadays, but I've also been known as "hales", "haley baley", and... "hippo". 

10. When I'm upset? I close my eyes, find words to whisper a prayer, and remember that I can grab hold of God's hand whenever, wherever. 

What I Do

I cook (everyday). I eat (quite a bit). I blog (as much as I can). I workout (run, swim, bike, HIIT, dance, etc.). I believe (in God, my Savior). 

I share my recipes, experiences, workouts, faith, and favorite products here. Find each one of those via the tabs up at the top of the page! 

Work With Me

Like what I do? Want to work together? Sweet! Send me an email once you're sure our values and goals align. I would love to try your product and write a review and/or create a recipe here! 

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What I Eat

Maybe a simpler title would be "what I don't eat". I'm vegan, so I exclude all animal products from my diet. While that may sound like a wide range of foods, my diet is still full of variety and bursting with more color and excitement than it ever has. Veganism allows me to indulge in my favorite "guilty pleasures" - muffins, brownies, ice cream, and more - and stick to my feel-good routine - sweet potatoes, whole grains, protein, and plenty of greens. 

Have any questions about my lifestyle? Take a look around here, and feel free to shoot me an email with anything else you're curious about.