Hungry Haley

it's more than food

Hi there! I'm Haley: 20-year-old Cal Poly SLO Mustang + happy & healthy & hungry girl living a lovely life and loving all things food, fitness, and faith. These recipes are budget-friendly, mostly gluten-free, and plant-based. My life is a bundle of adventures tasting recipes from my own kitchen and exploring the unique flavors of others while I learn to love myself more and more each day. Sounds like fun, huh? Yeah, it's pretty cool. If you want to read about my journey with food, click here.

Ten {Completely Random} Facts About Me

1. Dream job? Full-time blogger. If you'd have asked me six years ago? Wedding-dress-expert at Kleinfeld in NYC. Ten years ago? The next Hannah Montana. 

2. What you wouldn't know right away? When I was a kid, my favorite foods were beef sticks, Wisconsin cheese, and Dairy Queen.

3. If I were an ice cream flavor? Well, Ben & Jerry's PB & Cookies is the goal, but realistically, I'm probably something along the lines of a smooth vanilla with swirls of sweet, salty peanut butter and caramel, precisely. 

4. Blind or deaf? Deaf. I know American Sign Language, and God's creation is just too good.

5. If I could be an animal? Some sort of hybrid - dolphin (for swimming/cuteness purposes) + lion (for majestic purposes - Aslan, anyone?) + dog (to be someone's best friend, duh). 

6. Favorites? Season: Fall, movie: The Princess Diaries, actor: Zac Efron, food: scones, and color: light blue.

7. If I weren't blogging? Hard to imagine, but I'd probably be reading twice as many books and only talking about food even more than I do now.

8. If I could be a Disney Princess? Belle. End of story. 

9. Nicknames? "hungryhaley" is most common nowadays, but I've also been known as "hales", "haley baley", and... "hippo". 

10. When I'm upset? I close my eyes, find words to whisper a prayer, and remember that I can grab hold of God's hand whenever, wherever. 

Why {mostly} Gluten-Free? 

Although I don't have celiac disease, I've been excluding gluten, as much as possible, from my diet for a steady 7-8 months now simply because I feel better without it. I don't always turn down a slice (or loaf) of bread, but I've found tasty, feel-good alternatives!

Why Plant-Based? 

I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle (a term I prefer over "diet") during my freshman year at Cal Poly, hoping to challenge myself and break my chicken-addiction. As my research pulled me deeper into the topic, both the environmental and health benefits seemed impossible to ignore. Soon enough, #MeatlessMonday became #MeatlessEveryday, and here I am!

Define "Budget-Friendly"

Almost everyone is shopping with budget and health in mind these days. Money is tight, and that can make healthy-eating feel like a challenge. I'm in college (Cal Poly SLO - go Mustangs!), so you can bet I look for the most inexpensive nutritious foods I can get. My recipes are "budget-friendly" because, whether you're in college or not, I know how high expensive grocery shopping can be when health is a priority.